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When looking for Timeshare relinquishment, claims and legal related services – it is always important to clarify exactly what services are being offered, what methods might be used and to ensure that they are honest and legally compliant (before paying out any money or signing any documents). We would suggest you give the business you are communicating with a questionnaire that we have prepared for consumers which you can download here – Timeshare legal services checklist. In our opinion any reputable company should be happy to provide you with the answers. If they do provide a response then we will be pleased to help evaluate their answers.


The following websites provide useful information for consumers:

RDO Timeshare Help & Advice

UK Citizens Advice Bureau Timeshare Advice (PDF – click here)

Information on the European Timeshare Directive provided by the ECC

Timeshare Business Check Twitter:

Timeshare Business Check Facebook:

Timeshare Task Force website:

Timeshare Task Force Twitter:

Timeshare Task Force Facebook:

About Timeshare website: