Half Moon Holidays (HM Holdings)

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www.hmholdingsonline.com* (Website down)
Product Offered: Resale.
Transparency evaluation:Details of business legal entity provided on website
Actions by authorities:None known
Verified Information**:Name & Registered Office:
Half Moon Holdings SLU
Calle Panaderos 18 - Piso 2 D, Malaga, 29005, Spain.
CIF: B93063337
Other Sources*:Half Moon Holdings SLU - Holiday club re-sellers - Eye on Spain http://www.eyeonspain.com/forums/posts-long-13452.aspx
Have you been called by Half Moon Holdings or HM Holdings ...http://mindtimeshare.me/2011/04/12/have-you-been-called-by-half-moon-holdings-or-hm-holdings/
Timeshare Cold Callers - TATOC http://www.tatoc.co.uk/consumer-help/cold-callers
RDO Member:No
Contact DetailsAs supplied by business
Business Address:Apartado de Correos 173, Torre del Mar, Malaga, 29740
Phone Number:44 (0)844 822 8128
Email Address:Unknown
Other Trading names
None known
What happened when we reached out to this business?
We contacted this business by using the website form on 29/11/2013 and 10/12/2013. We asked for confirmation of company registration details and the business trading address. We also asked for a response to specific online allegations. No response has been received to date.
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