Timeshare Task Force 2016 year in review

Successes for consumers right across the spectrum

The Timeshare Task Force, which is managed by KwikChex, has produced an unparalleled series of results for consumers during 2016.

The free service has become increasingly vital and more used  by consumers in the last 12 months, with the Timeshare Business Check website playing the leading role in consumer protection and assistance. The site has been a very effective resource for consumers seeking advice on businesses across the timeshare spectrum – from advising caution through to winning back monies for consumers and helping timeshare owners understand and exercise their legal and contractual rights.

Consumers contacting KwikChex via the Timeshare Task Force resources have benefited from:

  • Refunds from mis-sold holiday and rogue timeshare reclaim businesses.
  • Advice and direct assistance leading to contractually and ethically correct, no cost and low cost timeshare relinquishment.
  • Help with civil actions, including legal assistance from qualified lawyers and the provision of evidence to support claims.
  • Advice that prevented consumers from falling prey to scams.

Every single case has been assisted by KwikChex entirely free of charge.

The court case won against ITRA

The highlight of the year must be the support KwikChex provided to Harold and Brenda Walker, who came to KwikChex with concerns about monies they had paid to ITRA –  International Timeshare Refund Action. It was obvious from the outset that ITRA had made false promises and misleading statements in order to persuade the Walkers to pay over £7000.  Requests to ITRA for a refund were either ignored or rejected, so the only option was to take ITRA to court. Even though the Walkers were using the Small Claims Court, ITRA used the services of a specialist law firm and a barrister in trying to defend their actions – so KwikChex appealed for help from the RDO – the Resort Development Organisation, who responded with funding for similar representation for the Walkers. KwikChex went on to provide evidence and acted as a witness in court in support of the Walker’s claim. The judge subsequently ruled for the Walkers, declaring the ITRA actions illegal and the contract null & void. The Walkers were awarded a full refund and costs.

The Walkers
Harold & Brenda Walker 
[Image by Damien Mcfadden]
It would be difficult to imagine a nicer couple than Harold and Brenda Walker – both in their 70s, they epitomise human decency and civility. Brenda was at the time undergoing treatment for cancer, which added to the stress caused by ITRA’s deceptions.  Sadly, Brenda passed away not long after the case against ITRA was won, but Harold was so kind to say how much she had appreciated what KwikChex had done.  And in reality, as was quickly demonstrated by KwikChex, the couple had no need of the alleged services that ITRA said they would provide regarding relinquishment – because their timeshare was with an RDO member and they were entitled to a free relinquishment, which was subsequently arranged. ITRA lied about many things, including telling the Walkers that their children would be liable for their timeshares as their heirs and then tried to use ‘legal muscle’ to defend what should have been the indefensible. They failed – and now the publicity from the case has resulted in more consumers coming forward keen to take legal action against ITRA.

Read the full story in the Daily Mail – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-3709511/Couple-win-7-000-victory-faulty-timeshare-contract-following-18-month-legal-battle.html

and the follow up exposure of ITRA – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-3810740/Can-trust-firm-says-rid-timeshare-price-families-did-lived-regret-it.html

KwikChex support for law enforcement and regulatory bodies

During 2016, KwikChex has continued to work closely with the police, Trading Standards and various regulatory authorities, providing vital evidence and intelligence on rogue operations.

Responses by KwikChex to police requests have resulted in the opening of a formal criminal investigation.

Responses by KwikChex to Trading Standards have resulted in the opening of investigations – and the resolving of complaints made to Trading Standards by consumers.

Four complaints about misleading advertising in the timeshare sector made to the Advertising Standards Authority were upheld in 2016 – against Easy Consulting SL t/a directresortsinternational.co.uk ; Timeshare Relief UK  and European Claims Centre LLC t/a Timeshare Advice Centre (a part of the ITRA operations).

In addition, an initiative in cooperation with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to stop Data Protection offences, including unsolicited contact and data theft is now well on the way to producing evidence that is likely to lead to prosecutions.

ctsiKwikChex also exhibited at and presented a session at the Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference and Exhibition in 2016 – providing new ways and means of detecting scams and helping to bring the perpetrators to justice.

< Left – KwikChex talking with Trading Standards Officers at the Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference and Exhibition.





The work will continue in 2017 and will include the continuance of free assistance to consumers, responses to requests by Citizens Advice for the provision of update advice, participation in the 2017 Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference and active support in both civil legal cases and criminal prosecutions.


Consumer successfully released from ITRA demands and timeshare

In July 2016, a consumer contacted KwikChex via the Timeshare Business Check website, with the following request

“I have been mis-led and signed up for relinquishment of my timeshare with DRI. I thought I was seeing a consumer advice person at Timeshare Advice Centre Exeter only to be told that ITRA will be working on the relinquishment of my membership for a fee which needed to be paid immediately. Fortunately I realised before paying by BACS to a Bank in Morocco that all was not as it seemed. I cancelled the agreement within 3 days and asked for the return of my Deeds. They are refusing to do this unless I pay work in progress of £1280. Can you help?”

After intervention by KwikChex,  the deeds have been returned by ITRA to the consumer and have ceased demands for payment. In addition, the consumer has now relinquished their timeshare in return for a very low administration fee. These services were provided free of charge as part of the role played by KwikChex leading the Timeshare Task Force.

Asked to comment on her experience with KwikChex and the Timeshare Task Force, the consumer replied

“ I have no objections to helping others if I can and have appreciated the help and information given by yourselves and Mindtimeshare who gave me your contact details.”
Mrs B, Nov 2016

KwikChex can report on a court victory for two consumers regarding International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)

The contract the consumers were persuaded to sign was declared illegal and null and void by the judge and they were ordered to repay the full amount they had taken – over £7000.

Whilst the judge’s decision was based on contravention of specific laws relating to timeshare, including non-disclosure of key information relating to the rights of consumers – and the illegal taking of monies during the cooling off period, there was much more presented by the claimants in court.

Undue pressure and misrepresentation
As mentioned in the article, the consumers were pressured into paying immediately, with claims by the ITRA salesperson that time was critical – that they must pay on the day of their meeting with ITRA as a compensation case was about to be filed and they might miss out. In fact, no such case existed. This pressure and the misrepresentations were clearly in breach of Consumer Protection Regulations.

The consumers were also told that their timeshare would be compulsorily passed on to their children. This too was a lie and was exposed as such in court. Not only was there no such liability – in fact, the Walkers were entitled to relinquish their timeshare free of charge – something that was achieved soon after they contacted KwikChex.

The ITRA defence was completely dismissed by the court.

Legal support
The consumers – Harold and Brenda Walker had contacted KwikChex via the Timeshare Task Force after having their complaints rejected by ITRA. When they filed a claim in the Small Claims Court ITRA sought to defend by appointing law firm Pinder Reaux and using a barrister in court. We considered that ITRA should have acted ethically and refunded the monies, instead of using expensive lawyers. Because of this escalation, we sought support on the Walker’s behalf from the Resort Development Organisation (RDO), which funds the Timeshare Task Force managed by KwikChex. RDO agreed and paid for legal representation. KwikChex gave witness in the trial itself, presenting evidence of many consumer complaints regarding ITRA, including to Action Fraud.

ITRA’s previous involvement with consumer detriment
ITRA have previously been exposed as a business operating a ‘bait & switch’ operation. Named in a report by the Insolvency Service in 2012 as a business luring consumers into extremely detrimental purchases of ‘Club Class Concierge’ membership with false promises of timeshare relinquishment. Such was the seriousness of these activities that seven connected companies were compulsorily wound up by the UK authorities in the interest of consumer protection.

Consumer monies not protected
The Walker case also exposed the misleading impression that ITRA gave of protecting client’s monies by saying that they would be held in a client account with accountants Sochalls LLP. In fact, Sochalls was simply another part of the ITRA operation – and they sent monies paid by the Walkers almost immediately out to another one of the ITRA businesses based in Spain – Eurafric. Eurafric is currently sending out demands for fees to victims of the Club Class Concierge scams – attempting to persuade them that they are legally obliged to pay for services for a products considered sold illegally and with gross misrepresentation by the UK authorities.

News of the court ruling comes just after another ITRA network business – Timeshare Advice Centre (European Claims Centre LLC) was ruled by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to be misleading consumers – ASA Ruling

At the recent Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference, KwikChex gave a presentation and discussed the type of problems experienced by the Walkers. Law enforcement and consumer organisations are now looking very closely at such issues. The reality today is that there are few complaints received about new timeshare sales. This is because strict compliance with consumer laws is observed – and there was a significant weeding out of salespeople that broke the rules. Consumers need to know that there is help available and as in the Walker’s case, it is not only laws that will protect them – there is also significant relinquishment assistance underwritten by for example the RDO member’s Code of Conduct. Whilst many consumers have enjoyed their timeshares for years, some have genuine concerns and need help they can trust. They should resist any type of undue pressure and misrepresentations and seek advice from the likes of Citizens Advice Bureau and Trading Standards or talk with a solicitor. KwikChex, as part of the Timeshare Task Force provides free assistance.

Excerpt quote from Harold and Brenda Walker

“Had it not been for the actions; dedication and encouragement of Chris Emmins and his team at KwikChex it is highly questionable whether we would have been able to pursue this action through to a final successful outcome against ITRA. We would encourage anyone who is or have been victim to similar treatment as experienced by us with ITRA to make contact and place themselves in the safe and trustworthy hands of KwikChex.”

The full letter is available on this link

ASA Uphold Complaint against Solution for Timeshare


The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint submitted by KwikChex regarding Solution For Timeshare http://www.solutionfortimeshare.com/. The complaint includes the Swedish version of the site Slapp Din Timeshare http://www.slappdintimeshare.com/.

The investigation by KwikChex was carried out as part of activities by the Timeshare Task Force http://www.timesharetaskforce.org/ which KwikChex manages.

The complaint challenged whether reviews on the sites were genuine – on the basis that reviews with the same wording appeared under different names on the two sites – a clear indication of review fraud.

Connected websites and businesses

The following websites were also traced as being connected by IT traces and phone numbers.

Law of Timeshare http://lawoftimeshare.com/

Release Your Timeshare http://releaseyourtimeshare.co.uk/ (Also reached on http://releaseyourtimeshare.com/)

It is noticeable that none of the sites publishes information about ownership, legal entity details or contact information – a breach of law under the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008.

The ITRA connection

In addition, follow up investigations revealed links to the ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) operations.

All of the connected websites can be found on the Timeshare Business Check website – http://timesharebusinesscheck.org/solution-for-timeshare/

Many of these connected sites also breach such laws – and are connected also with actions taken by the UK authorities in 2012 – http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/ts_club_class_holidays_wound_up.htm

ITRA was itself the subject of a related upheld ASA complaint in 2011 – http://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2011/1/International-Timeshare-Refund-Action-(incorporated-in-the-Seychelles)/TF_ADJ_49567.aspx#.VRFvsfnF9x4

This again clearly demonstrated the link between ITRA and the notorious ‘Club Class businesses.

For recent advice about checking on timeshare and other related businsses, click here

The details of the ASA adjudication can be found on the ASA website – http://www.asa.org.uk

Clarification post Timeshare Consumers Association and ITRA


Further to an exchange of emails between KwikChex and the Timeshare Consumers Association (TCA) regarding International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA).

Contained within this article are the following statements:

“ITRA is the most successful company who actions claims against the timeshare industry and who act on behalf of consumers against resorts.”

“we have not had 1 complaint in 6 months about ITRA.”

“In rebuttal the TCA has says “we have no recorded complaints about ITRA”.”

“ITRA have a network of law firms in and around Europe who action many, many claims on behalf of UK Consumers. They have networks and procedure in place and for those consumers who engage them to assist them in mounting legal actions.”

“in reality ITRA are only assisting consumers.”

“it would be very true to say is that the industry attack is based on a completely wrong and blighted premise.”

“If there operations (as suggested by the industry) were bogus, there would exist copious amounts of independent reportable cases which have been uncontaminated by the industry and as to their antics. Again this proof is bitterly lacking.”

We wish to clarify that advice was provided to the TCA with regard to this content on 29th and 30th November 2014.

We have provided the TCA with the following:

Information regarding action taken by the UK authorities to close companies that have a shared ownership basis with ITRA. ITRA was inextricably linked with these businesses and this was cited in evidence.

A link to an ASA ruling concerning ITRA – http://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2011/1/International-Timeshare-Refund-Action-(incorporated-in-the-Seychelles)/TF_ADJ_49567.aspx

Details of authenticated consumer complaints against ITRA.

On 30th November 2014, a further response was received from the TCA indicating that they were grateful for us bringing the evidence to their attention, were addressing the matter and (quote) “will shortly deal with ITRA and in our own way”.

Link to verified information on ITRA and associated businesses – http://timesharebusinesscheck.org/international-timeshare-refund-action-itra/

Timeshare Task Force Hitting Targets


Case study

The recent case of Mr & Mrs B was a classic example of how the Timeshare Task Force has been instrumental in meeting its objectives of assisting consumers and tackling rogue businesses.

Pensioners in poor health, (Mrs B is disabled), they were lured, via the website www.timesharerelease.co.uk to a meeting in Malaga with ITRA, (the infamous International Timeshare Refund Action business). Even though the ITRA employees could see the poor health and knew the age of the couple, ITRA proceeded to tell them that they could release them from their timeshare within 4 – 6 weeks at a cost of £4,500 – which they paid. (ITRA had originally said they would handle the case on a no win no fee basis). When they were not released as promised, they went online and found the information about ITRA on the Timeshare Business Check website, which is provided by the TaskForce – and immediately sought help.

A fast and free solution was available all along.
As their resort was a member of RDO, the first action that took place was to liaise with the developer with regard to allowing them too surrender their timeshare under the exit provisions drawn up by the RDO and agreed to by the developer. Just over a week after contacting the TaskForce, it was confirmed that their situation warranted an immediate surrender, with no costs or fees.

The second element now being tackled is to assist the reimbursement of the £4500 paid to ITRA . Although the couple originally had a claim rejected by their credit card company, support and evidence now being provided by the Task Force should ensure the imminent return of their monies – this is another standard and frequent service provided by the Task Force.

Pursuing criminal prosecutions
Finally, the evidence is now being presented to law enforcement authorities in the appropriate European countries (on a cross border basis) and prosecution sought. The Task Force vigorously pursues such cases and will if necessary help victims take action via a private criminal prosecution.

All the elements so typical in Task Force work were present in this case – the deceit of well known serial offenders, the fact that free, fast and effective solutions were available if the timeshare owners had only used the Task Force resources first – and the subsequent assistance in refunding monies and enabling prosecution.

Cooperation and coordination paying off

The various organisations working in partnership are also greatly contributing to the results being achieved.

Cases received by the ECC network concerning RDO members have been quickly resolved – previously such cases were not even being reported to RDO, so no action could possibly have taken place.

Cases received by TATOC have been passed to the Task Force for investigation and resolutions processes, with many resulting in very fast reimbursements and others being prepared for criminal offences actions.

Information received by the Timeshare Business Check website has resulted in joint actions by Trading Standards and the Task Force.

In addition to quick resolutions, RDO, after forcing the resignation of a member for non-compliance, have passed the case details to the TaskForce for follow up action, including refund of monies and criminal prosecution.

A summary of achievements is below.

  • Over €100,000 being refunded to consumers so far after reports of malpractice etc via the Timeshare Business Check andTask Force websites
  • Actions taken on 3 persons featured on ‘Timeshare Criminals’ section of website. Authorities acting on all. Two of those reported are under suspended prison sentences / banning orders, so there is a high probability of them now being sent to prison
  • Identification of 73 offences / breaches by 34 businesses reported with clear evidence and details of specific breaches provided to authorities
  • Swift and effective action on complaints received from consumers about new travel products (software and member clubs) that promise substantial discounts
  • Increased cooperation with law enforcement and consumer authorities on an EU wide basis and coordinated process formed for investigation and prosecution
  • Cooperation with media highlighting specific rogue businesses to warn consumers and provide advice as to how to seek help from Task Force
  • Undertaking by UK ECC to reopen evaluation of Leisure Credits products in relation to EU Timeshare Directive
  • America Maya, the KwikChex Legal Officer and in-house lawyer is coordinating the actions between the Task Force investigations team and the authorities. She said “This is only the start. – the more information received by the Task Force, the greater the potential for resolutions, refunds and enforcement actions. Cooperation between all the various authorities and organisations is absolutely essential to deal with cross border problems and EU-wide legislation and regulations.”



  • International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)

    Preview by Thumbshots.comInternational Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)
    www.itra.net and www.itra.co.uk*
    Product Offered: Compensation Claim / Class Action.
    Transparency evaluation:Legal entity not provided on website. Transparency Failure
    Actions by authorities:Seven associated businesses closed by UK authorities:
    Club Class Concierge Plc
    Bridge View Consultants
    Club Class Holdings Ltd
    Club Class Corporation Plc
    Club Class International Plc
    Club Class Concierge Ltd
    Club Class Plc

    ASA Adjudication on International Timeshare Refund Action (incorporated in the Seychelles) t/a ITRA,PO Box 561, PMB G416,Gibraltar
    Verified Information**:Unable to verify registered company details

    Response to our enquiry received from Gibraltar Consumer Affairs on 26th November 2014 - 'ITRA are not in fact registered in Gibraltar, nor are they operating from here.'
    Other Sources*:Daily Mail article: Can you trust a firm that says it can get rid of your timeshare - for a price?

    Daily Mail Article: Couple win £7,000 victory over faulty timeshare escape contract following 18-month legal battle, Thisismoney.co.uk

    KwikChex Blog - KwikChex can report on a court victory for two consumers regarding International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA)

    Memorandum to Parliament by Tony Sedgwick on ITRA and related companies http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200708/ldselect/ldeucom/18/18we10.htm

    ITRA | Mindtimeshare http://mindtimeshare.me/2012/10/10/club-class-itra-international-timeshare-refund-action-is-it-really-their-end/

    Insolvency Service Winds Up Seven Club Class Companies http://insidethegate.com/2012/10/insolvency-service-winds-up-seven-club-class-companies/

    Daily Mail Article: Freedom! I help a reader get rid of a timeshare

    Daily Mail Article: 'Angel' for timeshare refunds falls to earth http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/article-2072504/TONY-HETHERINGTON-Angel-timeshare-refunds-falls-earth.html
    RDO Member:No
    Contact DetailsAs supplied by business
    Business Address:Churchill House, 1 London Road, Langley, Berks, SL3 7FJ, UK
    Phone Number:0044 (0)20 8166 9881
    Email Address:claims@itra.net
    Other associated trading names
    ITRA http://www.itra.net/ Timeshare Business Check Profile
    Baker & Siluad Managers Ltd http://www.bakerandsiluad.com/ Timeshare Business Check profile
    Cancel Our Timeshare www.cancelourtimeshare.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Cashback Europe PLC www.cashbackeurope.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    CLC Action Group www.clcactiongroup.com (redirects to ownersaction.com) Timeshare Business Check profile
    Club Class www.clubclass.net Timeshare Business Check profile
    Club Class Concierge www.clubclassconcierge.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Club Class Holidays www.clubclasscorporation.net Timeshare Business Check profile and www.clubclassholidays.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Club Class Marketing www.clubclassmarketing.com (under construction) Timeshare Business Check profile
    Eurafric http://www.eurafric.net Timeshare Business Check Profile
    European Claims Centre http://www.europeanclaimscentre.com/ Timeshare Business Check Profile
    Global Resale Services (UK) Ltd Timeshare Business Check Profile
    Information Advice Bureau http://www.informationadvicebureau.com/ Timeshare Business Check Profile
    I Wanna Go To Spainwww.iwannagotospain.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Law of Timeshare www.lawoftimeshare.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Leisure Alliance Plc www.leisurealliance.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Leisure Alliance Premiere www.leisurealliancepremiere.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Meadowbrook Directors Ltd
    Multi Claims www.multi-claims.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Owners Action www.ownersaction.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Premiere Stay www.premierestay.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Premiere Travel www.premieretravel.net Timeshare Business Check profile
    R. A. Marbella Timeshare Business Check profile
    RCI Action Group www.rciactiongroup.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Reclaim Experts www.reclaim-experts.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Release Your Timeshare www.releaseyourtimeshare.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Selgmintimeshare www.selgmintimeshare.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Sherlock Marketing www.sherlockmarketing.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Slapp fur Timeshare www.slappdintimeshare.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Sochalls LLP Timeshare Business Check profile
    Solution for Timeshare www.solutionfortimeshare.com Timeshare Business Check profile
    Timeshare Advice Centre http://www.timeshareadvicecentre.co.uk/ Timeshare Business Check Profile
    Timeshare Law Timeshare Business Check Profile
    Timeshare Release www.timesharerelease.co.uk Timeshare Business Check profile
    Victoria Marketing www.victoriamarketing.net Timeshare Business Check profile
    Wir stornieren Timesharing www.wirverkaufentimeshare.de Timeshare Business Check profile
    What happened when we reached out to this business?
    On 10th December, we received the following concerning our initial enquiries into the website Cancelourtimshare.com

    "Dear Sirs
    With reference to your below enquiry.
    The website clearly states that TimeshareRelease.co.uk is a trading name of International Timeshare Refund Action Ltd. please confirm under what authority you request information.
    Yours sincerely
    ITRA Ltd

    We have responded as follows:

    Many thanks for replying to our enquiry.

    The Timeshare Business Check website is a verification resource which involves cooperation between several organisations. These include the European Consumer Centre, which represents and advises consumers across Europe. The details of participants is on the website.

    The sole objective is to provide genuinely verified information on businesses operating across the timeshare spectrum - principally all businesses that fall within the regulations set by the EU Timeshare Directive.

    We note that you mention TimeshareRelease.co.uk which is certainly one of the businesses / websites that we have enquirer about - but you have initially replied in response to our enquiry regarding another website - Cancelourtimeshare.com. This website does not have any ownership or legal entity information that we can see.

    In terms of the other site you mention - TimeshareRelease.co.uk, thank you for advising that it is a trading name of Iternational Timeshare Refund Action Ltd. Could you please confirm the following in order that we can verify:

    Where the aforementioned business is registered and the company registration number?

    Whether Cancelourtimeshare.com is also a trading name of this company?

    In addition, we note that your email is signed 'ITRA Ltd' Is this a separate legal entity that is also an owner or is responsible for both of the websites mentioned above - and if so, would you please then also provide the company registration detail for this business too - i.e., the country in which it is registered and the registration number?

    See further observations below.
    Observations and comments
    One of several entities connected to operations that the UK authorities have taken action against to protect consumers. They have switched to other jurisdictions and continue to attract numerous complaints. Part of the ITRA operation which attempts to persuade consumers and timeshare owners that it acts in their interest. If contacted by any of these associated businesses and trading names, please report to Timeshare Business Check and / or seek advice from a trusted and reliable lawyer or a government approved consumer organisation.

    The response received by email from 'ITRA Ltd.' and the subsequent failure to clarify further and the previous history, including actions taken have reinforced our concerns regarding all the listed associated businesses, websites etc.
    We are therefore sending all the information to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and asking them for their opinion.
    We are now also adding a warning flag to all the associated businesses and websites advising: Warning - Multiple unsatisfied concerns
    Report your concerns
    Information & disclaimers:
    Timeshare Business Check is managed by Kwikchex.com. KwikChex does not endorse any product, service or business. This information is provided to assist you in your decision to use a particular business or website. Some information within this table has been manually checked by our verification team, using reliable and trusted sources, but we cannot guarantee total accuracy. **See How we verify. The information provided on the Timeshare Business Check site should not form the entire basis of any decision to make a purchase or enter into a contract. You should pay particular attention to aspects such as terms and conditions and if unsure, seek further advice. Timeshare Business Check is not responsible for the content of external websites - *See full external links policy. This information is subject to change at any time. Last update: 19/11/16
    If you believe any of the information in this profile to be incorrect or have concerns about this company please contact us.
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