It’s always good to hear back from consumers we have helped.

Having been in touch with several similar companies over the years & getting scammed, I was dubious about Timeshare Business Check – but getting in touch with them was the best thing I did, they have turned out to be a genuine & helpful company. With their help & guidance I was able to relinquish my Timeshare which has been such a relief.
I would highly recommend Timeshare Business Check to any Timeshare Owner wishing to relinquish. Thank you Gemma at TBC for all your help I couldn’t have achieved it without you.
Mrs D, June-17


I would like to go on written record to express my gratitude to Chris Emmins and his colleagues of KwikChex for the support they provided when my wife and I had to deal with a very unsavoury financial situation which was perpetrated whilst we were on holiday abroad. Although in the final outcome we managed to carry out much of the extrication ourselves, the assistance and advice imparted by Chris’s team was invaluable and in particular it was most reassuring to know that there was strength in the background available to be called on if and when required.
I would heartily recommend to anyone who feels that they have been wrongfully coerced into signing up to a bad financial arrangement and require sound advice on getting disentangled from the situation to get in touch with Chris and his small but effective team. 
Thanks Chris, it is heartening to know that you are out there and that the good guys can win.
Mr C, May-17


We consulted Timeshare Business Check as a last resort when having great difficulty terminating our timeshare agreement. They were understanding, extremely helpful and very efficient in assisting with our problem. Not only did they ensure that we were able to terminate the agreement, they also managed to get a refund of our annual maintenance fees that had been paid in advance. I would highly recommend the free services of Timeshare Business Check to anyone experiencing problems with their Timeshare. Gemma was particularly helpful and supportive and we greatly appreciated her advice and assistance.
Mr A, Feb -17

Testimonial from a consumer that has had over £2000 returned to her after KwikChex intervened in a mis-selling case
‘I would like to thank you all again for your help in this matter. I always received an answer immediately with expert advice, also with great understanding. Thank you again.’
Mrs C, Feb-17

In August 2016 we contacted Timeshare Business Check, managed by Kwikchex, regarding a deposit we had paid for an EZE Lifestyle & Leisure Plan. The dispute involved EZE GROUP & REGENCY SHORES S.L., the latter issued the receipt for the deposit. Our bank required proof of a connection between the two companies before they would consider a refund.
Whilst we had basic information of a connection, Gemma at Timeshare Business Check was able to research both English and Spanish records and provided us with sufficient documentation that confirmed a link between the companies, and which has now been accepted by our bank.
We acknowledge and appreciate the thorough and efficient service provided by Timeshare Business Check and in particular would like to thank Gemma for her considerable help, leading to the success of our claim.
Mr & Mrs S, Jan – 17

Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. If you have any issues with timeshare, holiday clubs etc. get in touch for impartial advice FREE. Their help enabled me to get a full refund of monies paid out for a product I didn’t want or need but was pressured into buying.
Mr M, Nov – 16

I have had no further contact from ITRA, thankfully, after they returned all my documents. I have now been released from (my timeshare) at a very low admin cost so I am relieved with that.
I have no objections to helping others if I can and have appreciated the help and information given by yourselves and Mindtimeshare who gave me your contact details.
Mrs B, Nov 16

Having experienced a timeshare issue and having been totally mislead by Timeshare Release/ITRA/ECC, I was lucky enough to come across KwikChex – a reputable company who help consumers like me with timeshare issues. The responses from Chris and Gemma were quick and extremely helpful: their advice has been invaluable . For the first time in months, we have piece of mind. For anyone who has timeshare issues, you should make KwikChex your first port of call for professional, friendly, and honest advice.
Mrs M, Oct-16

Just a note to let you know that we have accepted the offer from our timeshare company. We will certainly be glad to get closure on this matter. Without your wonderful team we would still be in the same situation. Thank you all very much. Keep on doing your good work.
JM, Oct-16 See blog post regarding this testimonial on KwikChex

Had it not been for the actions; dedication and encouragement of Chris Emmins and his team at KwikChex it is highly questionable whether we would have been able to pursue this action through to a final successful outcome against ITRA. We would encourage anyone who is or have been victim to similar treatment as experienced by us with ITRA to make contact and place themselves in the safe and trustworthy hands of KwikChex.
H&B W, Aug-16 Full letter is available here on KwikChex

We would like to express our grateful thanks to KwikChex and staff member Mr Chris Emmins, for the help and understanding of our situation involving a Leisure Credits company.
During a visit to the offices of the Leisure Credits company, we were asked to pay a deposit towards what would be the full cost, which we duly paid. Sometime later we noticed in the ‘small print’ that this was payment for a Tablet and a book of discount vouchers, and not for a deposit at all.
We contacted KwikChex for their help and advice regarding our situation. We were relieved to have the understanding and expertise of Mr Emmins who explained the procedures they would take, and who kept us regularly updated.
The Financial Ombudsman became involved which resulted in the return of the ‘deposit’ we paid under false pretenses.
We cannot speak more highly of the help and support from the above.
Mrs G, March-16

Thank you KwikChex for helping get my 88-year-old father’s money back. He was clearly taken advantage of and had been mis-sold services costing him nearly £5000. With advice from KwikChex, and the template letter they prepared for us, we were able to recover all the costs from the credit card company. This was a real bonus as we thought pursuing the money would be a lost cause.
Mr S, Feb-16


I would recommend the advice KwikChex has given us. The timeshare resale scam which led us to losing a large amount of money, came to a wonderful conclusion today when our section 75 claim was granted and a complete refund was given to us.

Thank you KwikChex for your help and wonderful advice, a great weight has been lifted off us. Two months of feeling like an idiot for falling for this scam can now be healed.

Well done to the KwikChex team, keep up the good work. We need to work hard to get rid off companies like these.
Mr & Mrs D, Nov-15


I have just received a letter from Vanquis Bank regarding my claim over the transaction of £500 to Monster Travel.

I was delighted to be informed that the chargeback was successful under the Visa Rules and Regulations and that further action is not needed as the case is now closed.

I cannot express strongly enough how grateful I am to both of you and KwikChex. Many times I was going to chuck the towel in but you never gave up, your professional way and the time you gave my case was fantastic, I was in serious trouble and without your assistance, I dread to think.

Mr & Mrs H, Nov-15


My mother and I have recently been involved with a timeshare exit company and paid a deposit to them, I got concerned about the amount of money they were charging and what we were paying it for. I sent an
enquiry email to KwikChex (a service I found on the internet). I have been very impressed with their knowledge, help and support, the quick responses to my emails and their encouragement for us to try to get the money back though the bank dispute services, including writing a letter to the bank on our behalf. We are now delighted to say the bank have got back the amount we paid. We really appreciate the help we have had from KwikChex.

Mr C on behalf of Mrs B, Nov-15


I cannot thank you all enough for all your help, work and kindness in what has been for us a hard lesson and learning curve. Time will tell if this is the last of it.
May you all be truly blessed in all that you do.
Thank you so much.

Mrs L, Oct-15


Just to let you know that we received an email and telephone call confirming that the bank have offered us £9,026.69 in full and final settlement of the claim.

We would like to thank you for all your help and assistance that you have given us regarding this, we feel sure that without your help this would not have been possible.

Mr & Mrs P, Oct-15


I am more than pleased to be able to tell you that in April this year my request to surrender my ownership of the weeks I owned was accepted. Not only that, but they even refunded me to the tune of £1,062.60 for maintenance fees paid but not able to use.

I have to say that you played a vital part in this operation, and I am convinced that without your help I would still be fighting my case.

Once again a massive thank you. I will remain grateful to you and I wish you every success with your business. If I can be of any assistance in helping you with other clients, please feel free to approach me and I will deem that a pleasure.

Mr & Mrs H, Oct-15


Received my deposit back this morning so all is good in the world. Thank you so much for all your help. Without the exposure you gave them I doubt it would ever have happened.

Mr H, Oct-15


We just wanted to thank you and all your colleagues at KwikChex for all your assistance with relinquishing the above time share.

It is a great feeling to have finally disposed of the week, and I feel that without seeing the article in a national paper where you were shown as an organisation who was able to assist someone else with a similar situation, then we would still be trying to get rid of the burden.

Mr & Mrs T, Sep-15


I cannot thank you enough for all you have done and are doing for us.
Words cannot express how grateful we are.
Mr & Mrs L, Aug-15


Thank you for your wonderful, free and unsolicited assistance without which, I am sure, we would not have achieved the progress made.
Mr R Apr-15


Thank you very much for all your advice. I am very impressed with the service you provide and would not hesitate to reconnect of the need arises.
Mrs W Jan-15


We can’t thank you enough for helping us with this matter Your service has been wonderful, will highly recommend you to anyone in the same sort of trouble.
Mr & Mrs C, Dec-14


I am writing to let you know that KwikChex helped me and my partner when we bought a package called Realistix Solutions whilst on holiday in Malta. KwikChex were very thorough and were the only people who managed to secure a full refund for us and they did not charge us a fee.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has been put in the same position as we were. They do what is says on the tin and no messing. Brilliant and very professional.

We could go on singing their praise all day and would definitely recommend them.
Mr & Mrs G, Dec-14


Thank you very much again, you are a God send it brings back ones faith in humankind, we know we were stupid and I thought I was street wise but you do get carried away on holiday and think that everyone is as straight as you,
Mr K, Aug-14