Warning – Navarro Properties UK Ltd.

A timeshare owner recently reached out to KwikChex after being cold called by Navarro Properties UK Ltd. The cold caller, a person calling himself Mr Laurent Perrichard, claimed he was contacting them because he had a corporate buyer for their CLC timeshare.

Perrichard claimed that the buyer showing an interest in purchasing the timeshare was a well known UK company. These scammers are known to use the names of unrelated corporate entities to make their scams sound legitimate.

Further claims were made that his contact, a person calling himself Mr Duverneuil, was a representative of Club La Costa. CLC have confirmed that Sebastien Duverneuil does not work for them.

The consumer was informed that the sale was worth a substantial sum of money and in order to progress with this deal, they needed to pay a fee to secure the sale.

Multiple payments were requested to cover unpaid taxes, sales and land registry fees. These transfers were made to several different bank accounts over a number of weeks –

The first payment requested was to secure the sale.

A week later another payment was requested, this time for land registry fees. The money was paid to a TransferWise account in Belgium.

The following week the consumer was contacted again regarding a payment for unpaid taxes on the sale. The money was paid to a TransferWise account in Belgium.

Afterwards the consumer was asked to pay thousands of euros to convert timeshare weeks into points. The money was paid to a TransferWise account in Belgium.

Then a week later there was a request for 15% of the total sale value of the property. The money was paid to a TransferWise account in Belgium.

The consumer was contacted the week after and charged administration fees to set up an NIE number. The money was paid to a SolarisBank Gf (S) account in Germany.

Then there was a demand for additional timeshare management fees. Money to be paid to a SolarisBank Gf (S) account in Germany.

After all of this the consumer received a letter from Navarro Properties UK Ltd., which claimed that CLC and another London based estate agency, not Navarro Properties UK Ltd., undertook to pay the consumer the full sale amount.

A few days later a letter supposedly sent from a person calling himself Mr Esteban Carlos Rodriguez, of the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales and the Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Publicas, in Madrid, was sent to Mr Duverneuil. It claimed that they needed more money from the consumer to close the case. As soon as this fee was paid, the full sum of the sale would be released to the consumer.

Another letter followed, requesting money for the finalisation of the sale. Payment to be made to a TransferWise account in Belgium.

One of the fake invoices


Company details (as supplied by the company)

Business Address: 57 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2EG (a virtual office)*

321-323 High Road, Chadwell Heath, Dagenham, Romford, RM6 6AX (a virtual office)

Phone Number: +44 1224 650100**

Email Address: None provided

Note that Navarro Properties UK Ltd., is an unregistered company which claims to be operating from the UK.

*This is the address of a restaurant and accountancy firm. There are a number of other companies registered at this address including an A & A Navarro Properties Ltd. Investigation reveals A & A Navarro Properties Ltd., has been in existence since 2011 and the company logo does not match the one used by Navarro Properties UK Ltd. It is likely that the people behind Navarro Properties UK chose this name because it is similar to A & A Navarro Properties Ltd., and the matching address would provide cover for their deception. Anyone checking for a Navarro Properties registered at the address will see A & A Navarro Properties Ltd., and assume that it is related to Navarro Properties UK Ltd., when this is not the case. We reached out to A & A Navarro Properties Ltd., and they confirm that they have no relationship with Navarro Properties UK Ltd.

**The phone number provided is for FirstGroup Plc., which has no association with Navarro Properties Ltd.

The person calling himself Laurent Perrichard claimed to work for Navarro Properties UK Ltd. His phone number is +66 954 061 843. The country code for this number is Thailand.

Somebody calling herself Nina Govia claimed to represent Navarro Properties UK in correspondence.

Other names associated with this scam

The person calling himself Sebastien Duverneuil claimed to work for CLC. The phone number +34 911 984 074 is supposedly a Madrid number, but research shows that this number is not assigned to an operator, which indicates that it could be a VOIP number.

One of the most peculiar names linked to this case is the person calling himself Esteban Carlos Rodriguez, of the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales. The Instituto de Estudios Fiscales is a Spanish government research centre focusing on government fiscal policy.

The given address is Avenida Esmeralda 1, 28005 Madrid, which appears to be fake – there is no Avenida Esmeralda. There is a Calle Esmeralda but this looks to be a residential area, not government buildings.

The phone number +34 954 123 589 was provided, but this raises more concerns as 954 is the area code for Seville, not Madrid.

The fake letter from “Esteban Carlos Rodriguez”


What should you do if contacted by Navarro Properties UK Ltd?

Our investigation reveals that Navarro Properties UK Ltd., does not exist as a legal entity. The London based A&A Navarro Properties is in no way connected with Navarro Properties UK, and any claims of First Group and CLC involvement by Navarro Properties UK, are entirely fraudulent.

Consumers should be aware that Navarro Properties UK Ltd., provides no credible information about who owns it or where it is located. Failures to provide such information are a breach of the Trading Disclosures Act.

Unsolicited contact by phone, text or email is likely to be a breach of data protection laws and it is recommended that it is reported to the appropriate national data authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as rogue businesses also often sell the information on to fraudsters.

Scammers target Monster Travel customers

KwikChex has been advised by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) of Avon & Somerset police that attempts to defraud are being made connected to the ongoing investigation into Mark Rowe and Monster Travel.

They have released the following bulletin:


We have recently been receiving higher call volumes from victims reporting another influx of cold calls, a number of people have been told that the caller is from The Timeshare Investigation Bureau working with the Home Office. The callers are telling people that Mark Rowe has been dealt with at court and has received a two year suspended sentence. Victims are asked to part with money in order to receive compensation allegedly owed to them.

This is not true, it is a scam.

Mark Rowe is not being investigated by other Country, Police Force or Organisation. The only credible update you will receive regarding proceedings against Mark Rowe will come from us, at a Police Email address. Our investigation into the sale of Monster Credits involving Mark Rowe and others is still under review by the Crown Prosecution Service and we are hoping to provide an update over the coming months.

If you have received contact of this nature we urge you to:

Such scams have been common and have been increasing. Other examples include supposed recovery of monies from victims of EZE Group and ITRA, fake Spanish court rulings and misinformation regarding the status of timeshare companies.

Timeshare owners are urged to be on the alert about unsolicited contacts, such as cold calls, emails and texts. Any such approaches can be checked by contacting the Timeshare Task Force, or with Citizens Advice. If legitimate means of recovery of monies exist, owners will be advised how to go about this safely.

Unsolicited contact should be reported to national data protection agencies, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, and as per the advice from the police, any similar attempts to pressure owners into paying monies should be reported to the authorities.

See our Cold Calling advice page for further information regarding cold calls and what actions you can take.


Diamond Resorts acquisition signals increase in rogue business activity

Following the recent Hilton Grand Vacations announcement of their agreement to acquire Diamond Resorts International (see here), Diamond Resorts members have made us aware of attempts by rogue businesses to scare and pressure them into paying substantial fees for various exit and claims services.

They previously used similar deceitful tactics when Diamond was acquired by Apollo Global Management Inc. Their unlawful behaviour includes the following –

  • Unsolicited contact with Diamond members by phone, email and text, in breach of data protection laws.
  • Falsely claiming that Diamond are being put into administration / bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Falsely informing ex-owners that exited their timeshares some time ago, that their contracts will be reinstated and annual fees be demanded.
  • Falsely stating that to exit their timeshares, they will need to pay for a third party service, rather than going to Diamond directly.
  • Attempting to prohibit owners from making contact with Diamond or others that might provide accurate information.
  • Falsely implying that they are regulated, qualified experts able to provide legal advice and assessments.
  • Unlawfully pressuring owners into making rapid decisions, by falsely claiming this is necessary because of factors such as mergers & acquisitions, Brexit or imminent ‘class actions’.

If you are an owner that has been approached in this way or you have been persuaded already to pay fees or enter into a contract based on such behaviour, you can seek free assistance to make reports to authorities and recover monies by using the form on this link https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/free-assistance/

Contact by telephone and email is also available – please see information on this page – https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/contact/


Hilton Grand Vacations to acquire Diamond Resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Diamond Resorts International in a stock-based transaction value of $1.4 billion.

Under terms of the agreement, Apollo Funds and Diamond stockholders will receive 34.5 million shares of HGV common stock, subject to customary adjustments.

The combined company will have approximately 720,000 owners and 154 resorts, a move which increases HGV’s portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts and introduces them to at least 20 new markets.

“I’m excited to announce our transformational agreement to add Diamond Resorts to the Hilton Grand Vacations family, accelerating our next phase of growth,” said Mark Wang, president and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations. “This strategic combination will leverage the strengths of each company, positioning us to drive significant Net Owner Growth while enhancing efficiencies of scale and generating significant shareholder value. Diamond’s extensive regional, drive-to network of resorts and expanded demographics uniquely complement HGV’s best-in-class lead generation, world-class hospitality, and premier destinations backed by the strength of the Hilton brand. For our valued team members, owners and guests, this combination creates new opportunities to provide exciting destinations and memorable vacation experiences while continuing to provide exceptional levels of service.”

“Through this agreement, HGV and Diamond will create a new global standard of vacation ownership hospitality,” said Mike Flaskey, CEO of Diamond Resorts. “Together, we will expand Diamond’s unique events and concert platform and deliver the broadest range of world-class experiences available in the industry, providing our members and owners with additional flexibility, unforgettable vacations and experiences of a lifetime. We are thrilled to join the HGV family and look forward to achieving new heights of excellence.”

Read the Hilton Grand Vacations press release here.

Since the announcement by Hilton Grand Vacations, there has been an increase in the activities of rogue claims businesses targeting Diamond Resorts members. See further information here.

JSD Group Limited – the cold calling claims company with questionable client testimonials

Financial Mail on Sunday journalist, Tony Hetherington, has written of his recent investigation into JSD Group Limited, a claims firm which has been cold calling timeshare owners offering to assist with compensation claims for mis-sold timeshare, even when consumers have successfully exited their timeshare decades before.

It seems that timeshare claims aren’t the only cases being pursued by JSD Group Limited, a number of consumers have also reported being contacted regarding the mis-selling of solar panels.

The registered director of JSD Group Limited is Scott James Deakin, of 69 Raffles Avenue, Carlisle. The company is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The company was incorporated on 20th March 2020, yet their website, only registered on 15th March 2020, lists the testimonies of a number of clients who have successfully claimed compensation. As Tony Hetherington states –

“The idea that a new company could come along in March of last year, advertise, recruit customers, investigate their claims, gather evidence, submit that evidence to whoever was on the other end of the complaint, and then emerge with huge compensation payments – and do all of this in just a matter of weeks at exactly the moment the country was reeling from the first lockdown – is quite simply unbelievable.”

Scott Deakin himself has spent much of that time in Indonesia, where he was arrested in October 2020 for allegedly defrauding a hotel. It’s not exactly clear who has taken charge since then, but somebody is in control as the website has recently been updated, removing the client testimonials and all information regarding timeshare and consumer claims.

Remember, if initial contact was unsolicited – a cold call or email or text out of the blue, it gives rise to concerns as to whether consumer data has been acquired and used legally.

Unsolicited contact by phone, text or email is likely to be a breach of data protection laws and it is recommended that it is reported to the appropriate national data authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as rogue businesses also often sell the information on to fraudsters.

Read the original article on the This Is Money website here

Click here to view the JSD Group Limited profile on the Timeshare Business Check website

Cold-calling and online video sales advice

Recommendations for timeshare owners regarding cold-calling and online video sales (‘Zoom meetings’)

Timeshare owners have been contacting KwikChex regarding approaches made to them via cold-calling and online video meetings by businesses seeking to sell timeshare exit and compensation services. In many cases, they have been persuaded to sign contracts and often pay significant fees immediately.

KwikChex has discussed these issues with experts in consumer protection, including feedback from Trading Standards and the following are steps that we recommend to help owners better safeguard their legal rights.

Your right to know how they have obtained your personal data details

If contact with you was unsolicited, you can ask them to provide to you in writing the details of how they obtained your contact information and exactly what information they hold about you. If you are not satisfied with the response from the business, you can let them know and can take action on this (assistance will be provided by KwikChex).

Insist that you are able to record the meeting

Insist that the video or phone call is recorded and in the case of Zoom type meetings, that you are enabled to record it as well as the business arranging the meeting.

Ask the business to confirm this in writing before the call is started. This will help ensure that any information provided during the appointment is honest and accurate as it can be checked after the appointment is completed.

Pre-meeting preparation

Before the meeting call, ask the business to provide you with the following in writing.

  • Disclosure of the identity of the business conducting the meeting and the identities of the representatives of the business that will participate in the meeting.
  • Detailed descriptions  of the proposed services, including the company or companies that would provide the services, together with any accreditation or authorisations they hold, an indication of costs, and your cancellation rights (see below).

If you are unfamiliar with the technology or unsure about the business making contact with you, we recommend you ask a family member or friend you trust to participate in the meeting.

Your cancellation rights

KwikChex has received numerous reports of owners being put under pressure to sign contracts and / or pay immediately.  Under EU and UK law, you are entitled to a 14 day cancellation period (often referred to as a cooling off period) when sales are being conducted in these ways.  The purpose of this is to allow consumers to carefully consider the value and integrity of the services being offered, including if they wish, to seek additional advice and to carry out their own checks.

In some cases, businesses attempt to persuade owners to forego this protection, for example, by saying that a chance of relinquishment or compensation may be lost if the owner does not agree to start immediately.  This is rarely true, but if such pressure is applied, ask the business to put in writing the reasons for the urgency before considering waiving your cancellation rights.

Stop & consider and seek advice

Nobody should be rushed into making important decisions. You can insist on your 14 day free cancellation period and use the time to check into what has been presented to you and seek further advice before entering into a contract / making payment. You can carry out research online and organisations such as Citizens Advice in the UK and the European Consumer Centre network throughout the EU and in the UK  are available to provide free advice.

Further information is available via the Timeshare Task Force resources managed by KwikChex.

Online https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/free-assistance/

Telephone helplines

Helpline UK: 0044 (0)1823 510625
France: 0033 (0)170702227
España: 0034 (0)932201691
Italia: 0039 (0)236006613

Company closures, administration and insolvency issues

Complex issues have arisen related to administration and insolvency of a small number of timeshare businesses. These have in the main affected only sales and marketing operations, but not the operations of the resorts themselves and owners will still (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) be able to enjoy the use of their timeshares.

This has been the case with Azure in Malta and with CLC / Club La Costa. Members of both Azure and Club la Costa have been advised by the relevant Club managers that the Clubs continue to operate and the closure of the sale entities has no effect on members rights and usage at the relevant club.

The situation with some others, including resorts connected to Silverpoint have varied, with some resorts being closed.

When administrators/liquidators are formally appointed, owners can seek clarification from them.


With regard to any legal claims in these situations, we also recommend that owners seek clarification in writing from any business either currently acting for them or offering to provide a claims service.

If the cases are already live – with either judgement having already taken place or where a case has been filed with a court, ask for an update and to be kept updated from your legal representatives / and or the business you paid fees to for the claims process to take place. It is likely to be very difficult for your representatives to forecast an outcome, or even a timeline but you can certainly ask them (for example), if they consider it possible that you may not in the end receive the sums they initially indicated and whether it is even possible that you may not recover the fees you paid for your claim. This may be helpful in terms of assessing your own potential financial risk position.

If a claim has not actually been filed as yet and you have concerns about announcements of company closures, administration or liquidation proceedings that may be taking place, we recommend that you ask those that are offering services to advise in writing if they feel there is any risk of claims not being fulfilled as such risks are normally higher owing to the circumstances.

If you feel you are not receiving appropriate advice or are doubtful in any way and are seeking clarification, please let us know and we will seek clarification from the businesses involved, including administrators.

Timeshare Relinquishment

If you are simply looking to relinquish your timeshare, we recommend you always first discuss it with your timeshare company / resort. Many do have an exit policy and all members of the Resort Developers Organisation (RDO), which includes many of the timeshare businesses in Europe have an exit policy in place, and depending on your personal situation, you may be able to hand back your timeshare free of charge, subject to the management fees being fully up to date.

Note – KwikChex has been alerted by timeshare owners of gross misrepresentations taking place regarding timeshare relinquishment. Some businesses offering exit services are now telling owners that even when their timeshare company has put in writing that they can relinquish, the scammers use scare tactics and tell them the contracts can be reinstated later and they still need to pay for a service. Such behaviour is unlawful and should be reported. KwikChex has brought this matter to the attention of the authorities.

KwikChex has also published information on avoiding timeshare exit scams – you can access this using the following link – https://timeshareexitconcerns.co.uk/timeshare-companies-key-facts/ This site also contains information on timeshare consumer rights.

European Consumer Claims (ECC) ordered to refund timeshare owner in full after legal action over misrepresented claims service

On Friday 22 November a judge ordered European Consumer Claims (ECC) to refund a timeshare owner in full after he took legal action over their misrepresented claims service. 

While seeking guidance on exiting his timeshare in Portugal, Mr. G was offered advice by the ‘Timeshare Advice Centre’. Their advisor directed him to another business, at the time known as the European Claims Centre (ECC). In 2017, he attended a meeting with their representative at Churchill House in Langley, Slough, where he was encouraged by news that a large compensation claim would be possible. The ECC representative provided him with a document that outlined his potential claim of £11,802. There was one small problem with this document – it contained information about a claim in the Spanish Supreme Court, but Mr. G’s timeshare was in Portugal. 

When he queried this with the representative, he was told that this would apply across the EU – which was a gross misrepresentation of the situation. 

With this information in mind, Mr. G paid nearly £3,000 on the basis that he would be getting back nearly £12,000 in compensation. 

Case referred to M1 Legal 

Having chased ECC numerous times for an update, Mr. G was eventually informed that his case had been handed to M1 Legal, a Spanish law firm. After a period, they contacted him with news that they had terminated his timeshare contract and the case was resolved. At this time there was no mention of any forthcoming compensation. 

Upon checking with his timeshare company, they informed him that his contract had not been terminated. 

With no further contact from M1 Legal about the £12,000 compensation claim and with his timeshare contract still in force, he started investigating ECC. 

Links between ECC and ‘ITRA’ 

The offices at Churchill House in Langley, Slough, where the original meeting took place have been used by another business – ITRA. ITRA is part of the infamous ‘Club Class’ network of scam businesses that was shut down by UK authorities in 2012 after scamming thousands of timeshare owners with false promises of timeshare exitsclaims and exclusive holiday and lifestyle deals 

What’s also known is that the people who are involved in ECC are the same people that controlled ITRA. When ITRA was wound up in the UK High Court in 2019, they had already taken steps to switch to the newer ECC brand. 

Multiple ECC entities 

Mr. G was to encounter further problems when he filed a claim against the business he had paid – European Claims Centre Ltd., a UK registered business. 

This business claimed that they had only acted as a ‘payment agent’ and thus weren’t responsible, that the contract itself listed European Claims Centre LLC, registered in the state of Washington, USA, and that any claim should be directed towards them. 

Mr. G argued in court that there was no indication that they were providing the services he had paid for, but the judge informed him that he had sued the wrong company. 

He sought information on European Claims Centre LLC but results were limited because the names of the people behind that company were hidden. 

Then he started proceedings against the US company and M1 Legal, where it was discovered that they had previously been called ‘European Claims Chambers’ and used the ‘ECC’ brand. 

Mr. G finally contacted KwikChex for advice and they assisted in arranging for him to be represented by a UK lawyer.  

On Friday 22 November, more than 3 and a half years after he had originally paid for their services, a judge ordered that ECC refund him in full.  

Click here to find out more about ECC

Click here to find out more about M1 Legal

Click here to find out more about ITRA

BBC News investigators questioned Timeshare Termination Team Truro

BBC News broadcast on Saturday 21st November highlighted a report about online fake reviews. One featured business, Timeshare Termination Team, said to be based in Truro, Cornwall in the UK. 

An investigation by the BBC found highly suspicious fake Google reviews on the profile of Timeshare Termination Team. One 5 star review of the business left by a ‘Richard Harrison’ claimed that Timeshare Termination Team had helped him with an unwanted timeshare – but the BBC revealed that the picture on the reviewer’s profile was that of a Tanzanian government minister, who has never heard of the company. This then raises into question the veracity of many of the other positive reviews posted online. 

Timeshare Termination Team responded to BBC questions with claims that they are investigating. However, this shouldn’t detract from the following – 

  • They republished a number of suspicious Google reviews on their own website 
  • Their website displays reviews which date back to 2015 even though the business was only incorporated a year ago – the same time their website appeared. 
  • They state that their “mission started in 2014”. Note that no trace can be found of them prior to 2019.

Timeshare Termination Team – what we know 

Reports from timeshare owners reveal that Timeshare Termination Team frequently make declarations of ‘unilateral termination’ when it comes to terminating timeshare contracts. 

Unilateral termination is a declaration by the business without full legal principles being applied – and it can lead to serious disputes. We have witnessed this previously when Praetorian Legal used the same methods. They tried to take the consumers to court when they refused to pay, but were unsuccessful, which resulted in them paying the significant legal costs. 

Timeshare owners have said that although no upfront fees were requested by Timeshare Termination Team, shortly after entering into a contract with them, they received invoices for thousands of pounds and were told that their timeshare contract had been ‘unilaterally terminated’. When checks were made with their timeshare companiesit became apparent that all that had happened is that Timeshare Termination Team sent a standard letter to the company and then declared the timeshare terminated themselves. In fact, these letters had been rejected because of concerns the timeshare company had about the legitimacy of Timeshare Termination Team, and so the contract between consumer and timeshare company was still validWith this knowledge in hand some consumers have refused to pay Timeshare Termination Team and instead made reports to Trading Standards. 

Connections between Timeshare Termination Team, Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd and Praetorian Legal 

Timeshare Termination Team invoices used the VAT number of Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd, which is under the same ownership as Praetorian Legal. These companies have all used the same ‘ARTS indemnity scheme and Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims have previously made claims about a similar ‘insurance policy’, said to be underwritten by Munich Re. Munich Re have shown this isn’t true. 

Addresses and documents seen indicate that these businesses are all linked to Gary Smith, director and owner of Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims. It is known that he held the previous role of ‘Legal & Compliance Director’ for EZE Group, which was itself a scam and closed by a criminal prosecution. 

Smith was co-director of Praetorian Legal with Dominic O’Reilly – now in prison for his part in the EZE scam. 

Another related company, LCM Law Ltd., was owned by Smith and used to chase consumers for payments on behalf of EZE Group. When payments weren’t forthcoming and EZE victims took their complaints online, LCM Law threatened legal action. 

There are further links between Praetorian Legal an‘Monster Travel’, which has also been subject to a series of raids and arrests by police in the UK and Spain and has subsequently closed. 

Gary Smith has publicly denied any responsibility or involvement in these criminal activities. He points out that he has not been arrested and has cooperated with the police and Trading Standards. He emphasises that Mercantile Claims and Praetorian Legal are both assessed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which authorises them to carry out claims activities. 

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