List of Claims, Legal and Exit Businesses

The following is a list of businesses that are said to be providing some type of legal service to timeshare owners / consumers.
These businesses will vary from legitimate and expert service providers to those that have been involved in unlawful activities.
Generally, our advice is to use qualified and regulated lawyers – and to use suitable due diligence by asking pertinent questions to be answered in writing. An example of a due diligence questionnaire for this purpose is provided on this link:

Timeshare Legal Services Checklist
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Profiles are based on publicly available information, including any regulatory approval. Additionally, (where considered appropriate) references may be made to elements where (for example) the business does not provide information on aspects such as ownership. References may also be made to connected businesses. Corroborating information is available in this respect.

Featured Businesses

Businesses featured that do not feel the information published about them is correct are encouraged to use the resources provided relating to data. These will be handled promptly by KwikChex as manager of this website – see link

If you are a consumer

If you are a consumer that has concerns or wishes to know more about a business operating within the timeshare sector, you can use the free assistance form –

Complaints Policy

The complaints policy for this website is covered by the KwikChex general policy, and is available on this link

Would you like to have a profile on the Timeshare Business Check?

If you are a timeshare related business that would like to have a profile on the Timeshare Business Check website (these are free of charge), please email, using the following address and we will be pleased to explain the processes