List of Cold Callers

Unsolicited contact is a very significant problem for timeshare owners, who are often pestered incessantly. Most scams against timeshare owners start with this type of contact.
This is a list of numbers that have been reported as cold calling either directly to KwikChex resources or they have been discovered following research by KwikChex investigators. The information has been provided by consumers concerning the unsolicited contacts made to them. This information has been investigated by KwikChex and appears accurate but has not been fully verified in all cases, it is subject to change at any time. Where additional information is available, it has been provided.

Complaints Policy

The complaints policy for this website is covered by the KwikChex general policy.

Featured Businesses

Businesses featured that do not feel the information published about them is correct are encouraged to use the resources provided relating to data. These will be handled promptly by KwikChex as manager of this website.

If you are a consumer

If you are a consumer that has concerns or wishes to know more about a business operating within the timeshare sector, you can use the free assistance form –