The Timeshare Task Force is currently undertaking an initiative in cooperation with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). If you have had an unsolicited contact by phone, email or SMS and are concerned as to how your information was obtained and what information is held about you by the business making contact, then please get in touch.


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Details of the initiative KwikChex has agreed with the ICO

As part of the Timeshare Task Force activities, KwikChex has recently engaged with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. The ICO is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights, which includes prosecuting those who unlawfully obtain personal data, and taking action against those who make unsolicited marketing communications in breach of the law.

As is widely acknowledged, many scams start with an unsolicited contact. This may be by phone, email or SMS. In many instances the businesses making contact know a good deal about the consumer – often citing their timeshare ownership details. In such instances, there is a likelihood that the data has been stolen.

KwikChex is preparing a report for the ICO

which includes identifying cold callers which will be used to inform the ICO’s work in this area.

ICO – Nuisance calls and messages

Please note – it is highly recommended that timeshare owners register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), details of which can be found on this link

The ICO website also features information as to how you can protect yourself from nuisance calls:

ICO Nuisance calls Information

We would be grateful if this initiative could be publicised as widely as possible.
Reports of cold calling and other forms of unsolicited contact may be made by completing the appropriate form.

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You can also report unwanted sales calls directly to the ICO:

Note. The information provided will be shared only with the Information Commissioner’s Office​ (ICO) and by providing this information, consumers wish to and agree to have it forwarded to the ICO. The information is solely for the purpose of investigating and where appropriate taking action against businesses that may be breaching Data Protection regulations.

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