The purpose of The Timeshare Business Check website is to verify information regarding businesses operating within, or associated with the European timeshare sector, including:

Timeshare resorts

Timeshare resellers

Holiday clubs

Legal advisers

Claims companies

Trade associations

Timeshare consumer organisations

What else do we cover?

It also includes businesses selling leisure or lifestyle credit schemes. It is a part of a broader initiative – The Timeshare Task Force. Both are managed by KwikChex, which provides investigations, authentication and resolutions services that help protect consumers and assists businesses with online reputation. A free and effective service for consumers with problems and concerns – including assistance and advice re timeshare relinquishment, refunds and law enforcement.

See Report concerns/add info.

Cold Calling & Data Theft

The Timeshare Task Force is currently undertaking an initiative in cooperation with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). If you have had an unsolicited contact by phone, email or SMS and are concerned as to how your information was obtained and what information is held about you by the business making contact, please fill out one of the below forms.


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