KwikChex works with BBC again on travel Rip Off investigation

KwikChex has just appeared on BBC TV again, having helped the Rip Off Britain team with investigations into Easy Consulting and the many brands they use. 

For years, Easy Consulting and the many different bargain holiday brands they use, which operate out of Alicante in Spain, have targeted UK consumers with cold-calls and online marketing. They promise a massive range of high-quality holidays at very cheap prices, but as the programme reveals, most holidays are not available, with many of the destinations featured saying they have never heard of these companies supposedly selling their products. Consumers that sign up and pay these businesses are obligated to attend sales presentations during their stay and find themselves under great pressure to commit there and then to long-term holiday services which are often not legally compliant under Consumer Protection Regulations. The programme also highlights the upheld complaints KwikChex has previously made to the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about some of the brands involved. 

In addition, many existing timeshare owners have been persuaded to take these breaks and attend meetings with false promises of timeshare exits and claims – usually these are unnecessary and often unlawful services in the first place, as relinquishment and other options exist directly with the timeshare companies. 

KwikChex CEO Chris Emmins, who appears in the programme has emphasised that any consumer receiving a cold-call should be immediately on their guard. 

KwikChex provides award-winning and Trading Standards Approved fraud prevention and recovery services free to consumers, who can always contact KwikChex to double-check businesses that have approached them or which they see online. These services are a part of the KwikChex ‘Safer By Far’ initiative. 

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Brands connected to Easy Consulting are listed below 

Bonus Breaks – 
Bonus Extra Weeks – 
Couples and Family Resorts – 
Direct Resorts International – 
Direct Resort Promotions (DRP) – 
Easy Consulting SL – 
Exclusive Time Online – 
Exclusive Weeks – 
Extra Weeks – (no longer live) 
Extra Time Online – 
Horizon Holidays –
Hotels VIP – 
Love All Inclusive – 
Love All Inclusive Asia – (no longer live) 
Love All Inclusive Canaries – (no longer live) 
Love All Inclusive Caribbean – (no longer live) 
Love All Inclusive Med – (no longer live) 
Love All Inclusive USA – (no longer live) 
Platinum Weeks – 
Premium Breaks – 
Resorts Direct – 
Reward Breaks – 
Sky Breaks – 
Sponsored Breaks – 
Sponsored Weeks – 
The All Inclusive Club – 
The Gift Company – 
The Ultimate Holiday Package – (no longer live) 

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