Warning – Contract Resolution Centre

KwikChex has received a number of reports from timeshare owners regarding unsolicited phone calls from the Contract Resolution Centre. These prolific cold-callers have intensified their activities in recent days, spreading misinformation and false claims that timeshare owners are on a list of those who want to be contacted about recovering monies for mis-sold timeshares.

As well as the Contract Resolution Centre, they also operate under the following names 

  • Contract Consultancy  
  • Contract Fraud Action Team  
  • Contract Resolution Centre 
  • Contract Resolutions 
  • Contract Resolutions Centre 
  • Contracts Solution Centre 
  • CRC 
  • European Legal Advice Commission 
  • Fraud Action 
  • Fraud Action Team 
  • Fraud Panel 
  • Notary Services 

The agents making the calls have used various names, including

Bob Reynolds, Charles Baker, Charles Worthington, Courtney, David Bentley, David Moore, Martin James, Natalie, Sarah Murray 

They use multiple phone numbers with prefixes in Milton Keynes, Bath, Warrington, Huddersfield and Leeds. These numbers include 

01135 118975, 01202 124856, 01213 923760, 01223 790495, 01225 809387, 01228 808952, 01235 886550, 01243 882918, 01252 756887, 01256 809682, 01273 951101, 01273 951104, 01273 951105, 01277 886955, 01305 896725, 01322 586252, 01371 868911, 01376 386535, 01452 347521, 01484 819373, 01614 644974, 01615 202190, 01617 381192, 01904 501817, 01908 041985, 01914 325638, 01925 398837, 07480 720406

These are likely to be ‘virtual numbers’ – they are not really calling from the locations that they claim. 

The type of unsolicited contact and misinformation being reported by owners are likely to be considered unlawful under data protection and consumer protection regulations, and we would strongly recommend that it be reported to the authorities. 

This business is a lead generator and is not regulated in terms of acting on behalf of consumers in regulated activities, such as making claims under the Consumer Credit Act or legal representation in court. 

Have you been contacted by the Contract Resolution Centre?

We recommend that only regulated businesses be engaged with for legal and claims services – and that even when a business is regulated, they are asked to provide a written, detailed viability report prior to entering into any contract or paying any monies – see ‘Stop & Check’ advice. 

Please report any contact with the Contract Resolution Centre to the Timeshare Task Force, a Trading Standards approved service, managed by KwikChex. 

Helpline UK: 0044 (0)1823 510625 

10 Uhr - 16 Uhr Mo-Fr (GMT) 
Ausgenommen Feiertage 

E-Mail: info@timesharetaskforce.org 

View the Contract Resolution Centre listing here. 

Last updated 13 July 2023