Direct Timeshare Relinquishment

The Sunday Post has published a story about a couple that were able to relinquish their timeshare directly with their resort after they and their family had enjoyed happy holidays for 37 years –

It’s a significant story, because so many owners can get similar help from their timeshare companies and resorts if they approach them directly when they are facing difficulties, such as frail health, bereavement and severe financial problems.

Beware the scams

KwikChex receives reports from timeshare owners every day via our Trading Standards Approved Timeshare Task Force resources, of cold calls and unsolicited emails and texts from businesses that harass them into paying thousands for purported exit and claims services. In almost every case, these businesses are acting dishonestly and unlawfully – breaking data protection regulations and lying. They often persuade owners not to even check with their timeshare companies about available exit options.

In the latest spate of these scams, the rogues have even used the appalling scare tactic of telling people that relinquished their timeshares several years before that they need the bogus ‘legal services’ they are offering, to avoid facing future demands for thousands in back-dated annual fees. More details about these scams.

If you need to check something that you have read, or the facts on a business that may have contacted you, please use our free resources, including the Timeshare Business Check website.