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Jive Hippo Limited

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    Previously (no longer live)

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    Business Address: Monster Group (Travel) SLU, CC Fañabe Plaza 339, Avenida Bruselas, Costa Adeje 38660
    Phone Number: 0845 528 0279
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    Companies House Number: 09863488
    Registered Name: Jive Hippo Limited
    Registered Address: 71 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BE

  • Spanish Company Number (CIF): B76539022 (closed)
    Registered Name: Monster Group
    Registered Address: Avda Bruselas S/n Centro Comercial Fañabe Plaza, 38679 Adeje, Santa Cruz De Tenerife

  • Actions by authorities

    On 28th November 2017, police officers investigating matters concerning Monster Travel and executed warrants, searched several premises and made multiple arrests. The investigation is ongoing.

  • Transparency evaluation

    Website has been shut down. Unable to verify current business address, phone number or email address.

  • Observations/comments

    The owner of Monster, Mark Rowe, who is on police bail pending the outcome of investigations, subsequently started up other similar operations where he again connected ‘holiday discount clubs’ to timeshare legal services – with the latter trading as ‘ABC Legal / ABC Lawyers / Timeshare.Lawyer. Rowe has since closed these too – with Andrew Cooper’s ECC saying they have bought the ‘assets’ – the customer databases and websites etc. (but not the actual businesses).

  • Associated businesses

    ABC lawyers (no longer live)
    Cheap Holidays Tenerife (no longer live)
    Glenmore Consultants/Monster Rewards Ltd (no longer live)
    Hello Consulting (no longer live)
    Hollywood Marketing (no longer live)
    Jive Hippo Limited (no longer live)
    Justice4 Limited (no longer live)
    Lansdown Financial Limited (no longer live)
    Monster Community (no longer live)
    Monster Rewards (no longer live)
    Monster Travel (no longer live)
    Monster Vouchers
    Sell My Timeshare (no longer live)
    Staycation Lodges Limited
    Timeshare Advice
    Timeshare Compensation (no longer live)
    Timeshare Consumer Association
    Timeshare Lawyer
    Timeshare Owners Protection Plan
    Travel Promotions (no longer live)
    Tuloca Limited
    Value My Timeshare (no longer live)
    Connected companies:
    Complete Internet Solutions (no longer live)
    Holiday Timeshare
    Praetorian Legal
    Timeshare Council (fake) (no longer live)

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    11th November 2020

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