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Amador Ganeca Abogados

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    Previously (no longer live)

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    Address: 4 Calle de San Francisco, Santa Cruz, 38002, Tenerife
    Phone: 0800 802 1891
    0034 822 680 036 (Tenerife office)

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    Spanish Company Number (CIF): A24821710
    This number is provided on the website but does not exist on the companies register.

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    Transparency failure. Website shut down, incorrect company details provided.

  • Observations/comments

    A fake law firm and part of a group of such companies that are involved in cold calling scams. The consumer is contacted by the fake lawyer and alerted to a claim being processed in the Spanish courts. Shortly after the consumer is contacted by a fake procurator and asked to pay their costs, a tax (usually 20% of the money awarded by the court) to unlock the money that has been recovered. The consumer is also charged a fee for translation and for a notary which can be between 400 and 700 Euros each.
    Once the fees have been paid the consumer will receive a letter in the post which is supposed to contain the cheque, but is always missing.
    Shortly after this they receive an email from a fake court appointed firm with claims that a foreign gang has cashed the cheque. All is not lost however as they can help recover the money for a fee of 10% of the total value of the cheque.
    These companies are usually only active for months, the website domains only registered for a year, before they are replaced by a new company using a similar name and company logo. The registrar of the website is always hidden which makes it difficult to track the culprits.

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    31st July 2020

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