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    Business Address: Tf-28 Chayofa Country Club, Arona, Islas Canarias 38652, Spain. Phone Number: None listed. Email Address:

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    Unable to verify any information.

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    Transparency failure. Website ownership and company information has not been disclosed. THIS CONSTITUTES A LACK OF HONESTY AND IN MANY CASES WILL ALSO BE UNLAWFUL.

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    The website content is full of disinformation about timeshare claims and exits. -- The address of Chafoya Country Club has a history of being used  by rogue businesses, including Timeshare Help Centre, Gold Crown Tenerife and Resort Premium Services. The resort itself states it has no affiliation with any of these businesses. -- Consumers have reported unsolicited contact from this company. If initial contact was unsolicited – a cold call or email or text out of the blue, it gives rise to concerns as to whether your data has been acquired and used legally.  -- Unsolicited contact by phone, text or email is likely to be a breach of data protection laws and it is recommended that it is reported to the appropriate national data authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as rogue businesses also often sell the information on to fraudsters.  -- It is our strong recommendation that consumers do not pay upfront fees for timeshare-related legal services without first having had a detailed viability report from a qualified lawyer which can then be evaluated and decisions made. -- You can always ask a claims business to provide you with a viability report – you should emphasise that it must be produced by an identifiable, qualified legal practitioner. This is a good way of testing their authenticity. Kwikchex will be pleased to help assess any response.

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    21st October 2021

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