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Information Advice Bureau

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    Phone Number: 0845 542 0135
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    Unable to verify registered company details.

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    Seven associated businesses were closed by UK authorities in 2012:
    Club Class Concierge Plc
    Bridge View Consultants
    Club Class Holdings Ltd
    Club Class Corporation Plc
    Club Class International Plc
    Club Class Concierge Ltd
    Club Class Plc
    Another associated business, International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA), was wound up in the High Court on 30th January 2019.

  • Transparency evaluation

    Transparency failure. Legal entity and business address not provided on website.

  • Observations/comments

    It was previously a part of the ITRA / Club Class network and was one of several entities (known generally as the ‘Club Class companies’) connected to operations that the UK authorities have taken action against to protect consumers. They have switched to other jurisdictions and continue to attract complaints. Part of the ITRA operation which attempted to persuade consumers and timeshare owners that it was acting in their interest. If contacted by any of these associated businesses and trading names, please report to Timeshare Business Check and / or seek advice from a trusted and reliable lawyer or a government approved consumer organisation.

  • Associated businesses

    Cancel Our Timeshare
    Cashback Europe PLC (no longer live)
    CLC Action Group (no longer live)
    Club Class (no longer live)
    Club Class Concierge (no longer live)
    Club Class Holidays (no longer live)
    Club Class Marketing (no longer live)
    European Claims Centre
    Global Resale Services (UK) Ltd
    Information Advice Bureau (no longer live)
    ITRA (no longer live)
    I Wanna Go To Spain (no longer live)
    Law of Timeshare (no longer live)
    Leisure Alliance Plc (no longer live)
    Leisure Alliance Premiere (no longer live)
    Meadowbrook Directors Ltd
    Multi Claims (website under construction)
    Owners Action (no longer live)
    Premiere Stay
    Premiere Travel (no longer live)
    R. A. Consultants
    R. A. Marbella
    RCI Action Group
    Reclaim Experts (no longer live)
    Refund Action Group
    Release Your Timeshare (no longer live)
    Selgmintimeshare (no longer live)
    Sherlock Marketing (no longer live)
    Slapp fur Timeshare (no longer live)
    Sochalls LLP
    Solution for Timeshare (no longer live)
    Timeshare Advice Centre
    Timeshare Law
    Timeshare Release
    Victoria Marketing (no longer live)
    Wir Stornieren Timesharing (no longer live)

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    11th November 2020

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