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Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA)




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    Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd
    Artemis House, 4a Bramley Road, Mount Farm, Milton Keynes, MK1 1PT.
    Phone Number: 02035 193 808
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    Companies House Number: 12662338
    Registered Name: Timeshare Consumer Association Limited
    Registered Address: Artemis House, 4a Bramley Rd, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK1 1PT

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    See ASA link below (this relates to the business (ECC) that controls the TCA).

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    The TCA and its website are not an independent ‘watchdog’ as claimed.

    This site is currently controlled by European Consumer Claims (ECC) after being purchased from Mark Rowe of Monster Travel /

    ECC was previously a sister company of ITRA, prior to the winding up of ITRA in the UK High Court after it failed to refund consumers as ordered by the courts for not providing promised timeshare termination and compensation services.

    ECC director Andrew Cooper was previously a key person in ITRA and a director of two businesses closed down by the UK authorities over the defrauding of timeshare owners promised timeshare relinquishment and ‘concierge / holiday club’ products.

    Update 17 June 2020
    Since control of the TCA website passed to ECC, at the end of 2019, ownership details have varied.

    - Originally no ownership details were published
    - This then changed to a statement saying that the TCA was sponsored by European Consumer Claims Ltd (ECC)
    - On 11 June 2020, a new company was incorporated – The Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd. and this information currently (information provided 17 June 2020) appears on the TCA website
    - The registered office address is given as Artemis House, 4a Bramley Rd, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, MK1 1PT
    - The sole director of the company is a Keith Graham Dewhurst, stated to reside in Spain.

    As of 17 June 2020, the TCA site remains under the control of ECC.

    Also see article below.

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    7th August 2020

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