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Travel & Leisure Mexico

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    Previously (no longer live)

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    Business Address: Av. Revolución 1425, Campestre, Álvaro Obregón, 01040 Ciudad de México. Phone Number: 1(888)749-4059 Ext 105. Email Address:

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    This company is misusing the branding and logo design of RDO member Travel & Leisure. See Observations & Comments below. THIS CONSTITUTES MISREPRESENTATION WHICH IS UNLAWFUL.

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    This company in Mexico is using the branding and logo design of RDO member Travel & Leisure. They are using the name ‘Travel & Leisure Mexico‘. -- Although their website ( is no longer active, they are still making contact with consumers. They have been including links to the real Travel & Leisure website to add legitimacy to their false claims. -- They are nothing to do with the Travel & Leisure Group and are also NOT members of the RDO and ARDA, and therefore should not be displaying their logos. -- We advise extreme caution regarding this company – if you have been affected or are contacted by this business please let us know by using our free assistance form -

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    Associated People: José Rios (Marketing Dept.)

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    13th December 2021

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