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Timeshare Business Check Directory listings

Some information within the Timeshare Business Check tables has been manually checked by our verification team, using reliable and trusted sources, but we cannot guarantee total accuracy. Please see our How we verify policy for further details.
The information provided on the Timeshare Business Check site should not form the entire basis of any decision to make a purchase or enter into a contract. You should pay particular attention to aspects such as terms and conditions and if unsure, seek further advice.

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Specific category notes

Cold Callers
The cold callers category is a list of numbers that have been reported as cold calling either directly to KwikChex resources or they have been discovered following research by KwikChex investigators. The information has been provided by consumers concerning the unsolicited contacts made to them. This information has been investigated by KwikChex and appears accurate but has not been fully verified in all cases, it is subject to change at any time. Where additional information is available, it has been provided.

Fake Spanish Lawyers
The Fake Spanish Lawyers category  is a list of businesses that appear to falsely claim to be qualified lawyers dealing with timeshare cases in Spain.
In many cases, timeshare owners have been sent false documents, fraudulently said to be demonstrating that they are included in a legal action and can easily claim monies by paying an ‘administration fee’ or similar.
This information has been investigated by KwikChex and appears accurate but has not been fully verified in all cases.

Transparency or Disclosure Failure
This is a list of businesses that upon checking, appeared to not disclose details of ownership and / or other critical information. Generally, this is considered unacceptable and is often in breach of regulations.

Claims & Legal Companies
This is a list of businesses that are said to be providing some type of legal service to timeshare owners / consumers. These businesses will vary from legitimate and expert service providers to those that have been involved in unlawful activities.
Generally, our advice is to use qualified and regulated lawyers – and to use suitable due diligence by asking pertinent questions to be answered in writing.
Profiles are based on publicly available information, including any regulatory approval. Additionally, (where considered appropriate) references may be made to elements where (for example) the business does not provide information on aspects such as ownership. References may also be made to connected businesses. Corroborating information is available in this respect.

Information within our directory listings/information tables is subject to change at any time.

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