Cessation of Timeshare Helpline funding by EUROC

The Timeshare Helpline is a resource that enables all timeshare owners to make contact with the KwikChex free timeshare assistance resources by phone. The Helpline operates in conjunction with multiple online resources that are UK Trading Standards vetted & approved. 

In recent years, the Helpline was funded by EUROC – the European Resort Owners Coalition, but KwikChex has been informed that this funding will not be provided from 01 November 2023. We understand that EUROC is intending to provide an alternative service that will be available for EUROC members only.

Whilst KwikChex will endeavour to obtain replacement funding for the Helpline, at present it will be discontinued after 31 October 2023. Timeshare owners can still seek free assistance online, using the resources below, but no phone service will be available.