Number of upheld complaints against timeshare specialist Sarah Waddington Solicitors increases

In May 2022, KwikChex published information on complaints about Sarah Waddington Solicitors, a firm specialising in timeshare cases – click here for more information

Just over a year later, the number of decisions against Sarah Waddington Solicitors by the Legal Ombudsman has risen considerably – with 10 out of 10 complaints upheld. This is one of the worst records of any solicitor firm in terms of adverse ombudsman decisions – only two other firms have more against them. They have been instructed to refund thousands of pounds, and in the majority of cases, the required remedy cited “To pay compensation for emotional impact and/or disruption caused, To refund fees already paid”.

All 10 cases confirmed poor service, and in 8 out of 10 cases, it was found that complaint handling by Sarah Waddington Solicitors was not reasonable.

Details of the complaints decisions can be viewed on the Legal Ombudsman site – click here to access the Legal Ombudsman site

KwikChex urges timeshare owners who want to safely evaluate possible options regarding their timeshares to follow the ‘Stop & Check’ advice provided on the Timeshare Business Check site – click here for more information

Click here to view the Sarah Waddington Solicitors listing on the Timeshare Business Check website