Update – number of upheld complaints against timeshare specialist Sarah Waddington Solicitors increases


Further to previous disclosures KwikChex has made regarding complaints made to the Legal Ombudsman about Sarah Waddington Abogados, the current information as of today (23 August 2023), shows that Sarah Waddington Solicitors has the current worst record of any solicitor firm, in terms of complaints submitted by their clients and upheld by the ombudsman. The official records now show that 14 out of 14 complaints have been upheld by the ombudsman. It should also be taken into consideration that this information only covers the last 12 months – previous complaints prior to July 2022 were also upheld.

Once again, in the latest cases the ombudsman has instructed Sarah Waddington Solicitors to pay substantial compensation / refund fees after finding they have variously and consistently failed to progress cases, failed to keep clients informed, failed to respond, and failed to provide advice. In all cases, the ombudsman has decided that they gave poor service and did not handle complaints adequately.

Details of the complaints decisions can be viewed on the Legal Ombudsman site – click here to access the Legal Ombudsman site

KwikChex urges timeshare owners who want to safely evaluate possible options regarding their timeshares to follow the ‘Stop & Check’ advice provided on the Timeshare Business Check site – click here for more information

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