Warning update – cold calls about non-payment of maintenance fees 

In July KwikChex issued a warning about a new scam involving a fake European Order for Payment (EOP) / European Court order which had been issued for non-payment of maintenance fees. Haga clic aquí to read the previous warning. 

Consumers have continued to report the names and numbers used by these callers – we have compiled a list below. 

Remember that unsolicited contact by phone, text or email is likely to be a breach of data protection laws and it is recommended that it is reported to the appropriate national data authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as rogue businesses also often sell the information on to fraudsters.   

If in any doubt as to the status of your timeshare, you should contact your timeshare provider as they will be able to present you with the necessary information. Do not rely on information supplied by unsolicited cold callers when making decisions – the spread of deliberately deceptive disinformation is often the first step in many common timeshare scams. 

Below you will find a list of the names and numbers reported by consumers. The same phone numbers have frequently been used by more than one of these ‘companies’ and the same people are often reported as cold calling for multiple ‘companies’. This suggests they may be linked or operated by the same group. Consumers should approach any call from them with extreme caution. 

The ‘companies’ 

Consumer Protection Birmingham  

Consumer Protection Bureau   

Consumer Rights Directives  

Consumer Rights Group 

Consumer Services Europe 

Consumer Services UK  

Contract Debt Collection  

Contract Debt Relief Centre (CDRC) 

Contract Services Europe 

European Debt Advice 

European Debt Recovery Services (EDRS) 

Gordon Samuel Consultants 

Gordon Samuels Solicitors 

Halifax Collection Agency 

Halifax Consumer Association 

Harrogate Advisory Board  

Harrogate Collection Agency  

Harrogate Contracts 

Horton Financial Services (UK)  

Horton Services 

Hunter Rich  

Kontrakt Service Europe 

Midland Advisory Consultancy 

Northgate Financial Recuperation 

The names of the cold callers 

Alice Warner 

Alan Jeffries / Jefferies 

Amanda Jones 

Anthony (Tony) White 

Benjamin Hill 

Benjamin (Ben) Sharp 

Bob Reynolds 

Charlene Connor 

Christine Lewis 

David Miller 

David Montgomery 

Gregory Stevens 

J D Williams 

Jennifer Shaw 

Jodie Williams 

Jonathan Clarke 

Jonathan Ledger 

Joseph Barron 

Kitty Wilson 

Mark Hill 

Michelle Graham 

Roger Harris 

Ryan Ward 

Steve Smith 

Susan Forbes 

Suzanne Walker 

William Edwards 

Zara Wilkinson 

The phone numbers 

01217 900978 

01252 954163 

01256 594063 

01268 859552 

01422 774371 

01613 940686 

02070 971445 

02475 200042 

07480 720406 

07480 721769 

07480 722970 

07723 867937 

07723 869117 

07723 869216 

07723 869702 

07723 870383 

07723 870395 

07723 870427 

07723 870982 

07723 871427 

07723 872183 

07727 415970 

07727 481931 

07727 493222 

07727 493469 

07727 729141 

07727 736062 

07727 738137 

07727 739781 

07840 723721 

Further reading  

Haga clic aquí to view the listing on the Timeshare Business Check website. 

The STOP! & Check initiative helps owners deal with cold-callers and their cunning deceptions – Haga clic aquí to read more about STOP! & Check.