Highest Warning (as at 02 Jan 2018)

Reasons for warning

On 17th November, EZE Europe Ltd., Dominic O’Reilly (described as the CEO of EZE Group) and his daughter Stephanie O’Reilly, a director of EZE Europe Ltd., appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. All pleaded guilty to offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. These related to misrepresentations regarding the selling of ‘Leisure Credits’ or ‘Concierge Services’ a ‘holiday and lifestyle’ product and connected purported legal assistance to timeshare owners.  Leisure Credits have been the subject of official warnings by the UK authorities.


We have noted that EZE Group have issued denials that they are connected with these actions, stating that it was just a ‘sales company’ that was involved. Trading Standards have made it very clear that this is untrue and issued the following statement


Pair involved in running Eze Group
A father and daughter have pleaded guilty today (Friday 17th November) at Birmingham Magistrates Court for their roles in a ‘lifestyle credits’ mis-selling scam.
Dominic O’Reilly (53), from Birmingham but currently residing in Tenerife, and his daughter Stephanie O’Reilly (29) from Dickens Heath in Solihull, both pleaded guilty to two offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 for their part in the running of Eze Europe Ltd. 
The company, Eze Europe Ltd (known under the brand name ‘Eze Group’), also pleaded guilty to the same offences.
The offences covered a period of trading activity involving multiple consumers between January 2015 and May 2017.
The guilty pleas came about as a result of an investigation by the National Trading Standards Central England Regional Investigations Team.


We would advise extreme caution regarding this company or any associated company


Please also see our profile which contains a full list of associated businesses and further information https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/eze-group/


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Businesses under the same ownership include

  • EZE Europe Ltd
  • Regency Shores SL
  • Everywhere Travel
  • Dreamland Breaks

What to do if you believe you have been affected

Consumers that have been affected are advised to immediately file a report with Action Fraud online https://www.actionfraud. police.uk/report_fraud or by calling 0300 123 2040.
Getting your money back
Section 75 refunds
If the initial payment was made by credit card to EZE or any of the connected businesses we would strongly recommend contacting your bank. A Section 75 claim can be made for the initial payment and any other balance payments (even if these weren’t paid using the credit card).
If you paid via PayPal – even if you used a credit card, contact PayPal and raise a dispute via their Resolution Centre resources.  Advise them of the circumstances.
Civil claims
If you paid by other means than a credit card, such as a debit card or bank transfer,  you can file a claim through the UK courts. The most convenient way to do this is via the Money Claim Online (MCOL) service. This does involve paying fees and most likely appearing in court. You can represent yourself or consult / appoint a solicitor. We would advise that there is of course always a risk in pursuing a court claim – and that this also includes the possibility that the business could be wound up / made insolvent and / or have accounts and assets frozen.
Criminal compensation
As the business and two senior executives have pleaded guilty, it is possible that an application for criminal compensation may be made against assets. This is one of the reasons for ensuring that you file a report with Action Fraud.
It is worth checking your insurance policies to see whether you are insured against fraud, theft and/or dishonesty. This may be through a stand-alone policy – for example, for card protection (individuals) or employee dishonesty/fidelity (businesses) – or as part of a wider insurance product such as home contents, travel, or legal expenses.
We hope this information has been helpful. You can contact us via the following link https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/report-your-concerns/