The Timeshare Business Check website is a crucial element of the services that KwikChex provides within the Timeshare Task Force initiative.

KwikChex provides services to help owners and assist in gathering evidence against scammers. In addition, KwikChex assists owners who wish to relinquish their timeshares, or who have concerns or complaints about their timeshares. 

KwikChex receiving CTSI hero award

Most of the detriment being suffered by timeshare owners was caused by businesses that were typically cold-calling timeshare owners and luring them to meetings where the owners would be told that they could exit their timeshares – and be members of a new type of club, which was claimed to be far better than timeshare. Owners were charged thousands for these purported services. The reality was that thousands of timeshare owners were being scammed. The promised exits and compensation payments rarely took place, and the new clubs had no real value at all.  There were also many other rogue operations that made promises of exit services and compensation claims to owners, charging huge fees and then never delivering. 

Many of the owners that ask for our assistance do want to exit their timeshares and KwikChex provides clear advice on this – referring them first to their timeshare companies as there are often exit options that can be taken directly. When owners report concerns about their timeshares, and for example indicate that they believe that there may have been breaches of regulations / laws, KwikChex assists by ensuring they are made aware of their rights. Wherever possible, KwikChex acts as a facilitator to resolve the issues, including with agreed settlements where appropriate. If no agreement can be reached, KwikChex will then advise owners as to how they can discuss their cases with qualified, regulated lawyers.

The Timeshare Task Force initiative also includes The Timeshare Helpline, details can be found on

"Excellent service received from this company, very well informed, after contacting this company they replied in a timely manner and kept checking with us to make sure we still needed support. Highly recommended"
(Reviewed March 2021)

Achievements and recognition

KwikChex has provided assistance to thousands of timeshare owners – and works extensively with authorities and investigative journalists to tackle scammers. Below are links to some of the many news articles