[luv_heading font_family=”Raleway” font_weight=”800″ title=”AN AWARD-WINNING, COMPLETELY FREE, TRADING STANDARDS APPROVED SERVICE FOR CONSUMERS” font_color=”#ffffff” font_size=”55″ responsive_font_size=”true”]
[luv_icon_box title_tag=”h3″ icon_size=”56″ layout=”icon-box-top” color_scheme=”default” title=”CHECKING AND DECISION-MAKING” icon=”luv-svg-icon linea-icon-basic-spread-text” title_font_size=”20px” title_responsive_font_size=”true” title_font_color=”#000000″ font_size=”18px” responsive_font_size=”true”]Advice and resources to carry out checks on businesses and products prior to making any payments or entering into contracts. It includes considerations regarding buying timeshare and related products/services, as well as questionnaires that can be submitted to businesses.[/luv_icon_box][luv_separator height=”20″]

[luv_button href=”https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/checking-and-decision-making-section/” text=”Free Assistance” target=”_blank” icon_display_effect=”btn-icon-default-left” color_scheme=”accent-color-1″]

[luv_icon_box title_tag=”h3″ icon_size=”56″ layout=”icon-box-top” color_scheme=”default” title=”PAID & CONCERNED” icon=”luv-svg-icon linea-icon-ecommerce-banknotes” title_font_size=”20px” title_responsive_font_size=”true” title_font_color=”#000000″ font_size=”18px”]Advice on what steps to take if you have paid monies/entered into a contract and are concerned that there may be dishonest, fraudulent or incompetent practices with possible breaches of contract or failures to carry out work as described/promised.[/luv_icon_box][luv_separator height=”20″]

[luv_button href=”https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/paid-concerned/” text=”Free Assistance” target=”_blank” icon_display_effect=”btn-icon-default-left” color_scheme=”accent-color-1″]

[luv_icon_box title_tag=”h3″ icon_size=”56″ layout=”icon-box-top” color_scheme=”default” title=”WARNINGS” icon=”luv-svg-icon linea-icon-ecommerce-megaphone” title_font_size=”20px” title_responsive_font_size=”true” title_font_color=”#000000″ font_size=”18px”]Check for Warnings about specific businesses. Warnings are issued on the basis that the business may have been the subject of official actions and/or are failing to properly disclose/intentionally hide details of ownership. If a business is not the subject of a warning notice, it is still important to carry out recommended checks.[/luv_icon_box][luv_separator height=”20″]

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The purpose of The Timeshare Business Check website is to verify information regarding businesses operating within, or associated with the European timeshare sector, including:

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Timeshare resorts
Timeshare resellers
Holiday clubs
Legal advisers
Claims companies
Trade associations
Timeshare consumer organisations
Businesses selling leisure/lifestyle credit schemes

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Club La Costa (UK) PLC Insolvency Update

Following an application in the UK High Court in April 2021, it has been confirmed that the administrators appointed initially to manage the insolvency proceedings, BDO, have been replaced by the firm FRP. Creditors, including those that have legal claims through Spanish courts, should shortly receive more information from FRP. In the interim, the last […]

Club Class reclaim scammer Sean Thompson jailed for 6 and a half years

49 year old Thompson scammed vulnerable elderly people, including a couple that lost nearly £390,000. Thompson and his accomplice Caroline Preston, aged 38, targeted people that had previously been victims of the notorious Club Class scam. They used fake legal documents, and told their victims they would receive huge sums in compensation after paying the […]

Direct Timeshare Relinquishment

The Sunday Post has published a story about a couple that were able to relinquish their timeshare directly with their resort after they and their family had enjoyed happy holidays for 37 years – https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/leave-holiday-timeshare/ It’s a significant story, because so many owners can get similar help from their timeshare companies and resorts if they […]

Urgent Warning re New Timeshare Exit & Claims Scams 

KwikChex has received a surge in reports from consumers defrauded and harassed by businesses using cold calling and new scare tactics – including telling people who have previously relinquished their timeshares that they will be chased for thousands in backdated fees.  —- The ‘not legally terminated’ scam An apparent network of businesses has been calling […]