Platinum Services and Administration SL – Warning

We have recently received increased reports of Platinum Services and Administration SL cold-calling timeshare owners. Consumers report that callers representing this business have stated variously that they can claim back monies paid to fraudulent businesses such as EZE Group and Club Class Concierge, that cases have been won in Spain and that consumers just have to pay an administration fee to have substantial funds released to them.

Consumers should be aware that this behaviour is deceptive and unlawful.

They appear to be a prolific cold-caller with links to a number of other timeshare related claims businesses including:

Beta Promociones y Administracion SL
Fastline Legal Services SL
Greenges 2005 SL
Incovex Consulting SL
Litigation Services SL

Further details regarding this company can be found in their directory listing.

Directory Listing:

Extreme caution is advised when dealing with Platinum Services and Administration SL.

Urgent warnings re scare tactics being directed at CLC members

Reports are reaching KwikChex of cold calls and unsolicited emails being sent to CLC members that are seeking to scare them into paying fees / entering into contracts with unregulated claims companies.

One such email has been sent from Information regarding this business has been published on the Timeshare Business Check website – see link

It identifies the company behind the website as Viking Consultants and includes the following “The CEO of Viking Real Estate and Consultants is Mike Farhoud. He is an ex-Silverpoint sales executive. They are known to contact consumers by cold-calling and unsolicited emails – consumers are advised to ask how the businesses obtained personal data and what data they hold? If not satisfied, with answers received, reports can be made to the relevant data protection authorities.”

The email being sent provides a mailing address in Edinburgh, but the operation is run out of Tenerife and includes other former Silverpoint salespeople.

In addition, reports are also being received of cold calls to CLC members which are also using the same scare tactics, with the callers fraudulently identifying themselves as a ‘Government Advisory Service’ and another purporting to be ‘Prime Consultants‘ using an Isle of Wight number – 01983896790. This number has been reported hundreds of times as a harassing cold-caller.

Such deceptions are illegal practices and combined with breaches of data protection laws are a very serious matter. These are now being brought to the attention of the authorities in Spain, the UK and other EU countries. CLC members who are being approached in this way are urged to report them.


Demi-Guni SL – Warning

It has come to our attention that a business using the phone number +34 922 714 743 has been cold calling consumers, spreading misinformation about companies and offering timeshare reclaim services. They are using a number of different names to disguise their identity, some of which are unconnected businesses.

The phone number can be traced to timeshare claims consultancy company Demi-Guni SL and their property sales website InmoBelga

The lawyer used by Demi-Guni SL is Ruben Padron Perez

Directory Listing:

Hutchinson Escrow/Escrows – Warning

It has come to our attention that a business calling itself Hutchinson Escrow/Escrows and using the websites and has been cold calling consumers. Their methods are deceitful and unlawful.

They appear to imply that they are representing the registered company Hutchinson Trustees Limited – company registration number 03195365, which was incorporated in 1996. This is a fraudulent claim.

Consumers should be especially wary if they are contacted out of the blue by cold callers claiming to be calling on behalf of Hutchinson Trustees Limited or Hutchinson Escrow/Escrows.

We advise consumers contacted by persons purporting to be from Hutchinson Escrow/Escrows to report the matter to Action Fraud in the UK Telephone 0300 123 2040 or use their online reporting system –

Directory listings related to this warning:


KwikChex Featured in Timeshare Exit Concerns Article

The Daily Mirror has published an article on the battle between timeshare exit firm, Carl James Associates, and a couple who paid £4,200 for assistance exiting their timeshare.

After being repeatedly contacted by cold callers promising a swift exit from their Club La Costa membership, the pair agreed to let Carl James Associates facilitate their exit.

Shortly afterwards the consumer contacted Carl James to cancel their assistance, “arguing that he had not yet signed a contract with Carl James or sent them any of his timeshare paperwork, so it could not have started work on his case”, but were refused, with Carl James citing a verbal “contract in kind” and that non-refundable work had already begun.

Fullbrook Associates are named as assisting Carl James with the timeshare relinquishment process.

Read the Daily Mirror article here

Read more about Carl James Associates and Fullbrook Associates

Fake Banco de España Scam Warning

Timeshare owners are reporting emails attempting to scam them over fake claim awards

Emails are being sent to timeshare owners claiming that they have been awarded large sums in the Spanish courts. These emails claim to come from Banco de España but are clearly an attempt at defrauding timeshare owners, using a false email address ( They ask for a ‘tax payment’ in order to be able to transfer the sums said to have been awarded. The emails uses the recipients names and telephone numbers. This is one of many such scams being perpetrated at present. Consumers should on no account respond to such emails, provide details or of course make any payments.  Any such emails should be reported to the national authorities.

In addition to the details of the fake compensation, the senders also attempt to confuse owners with other false information, including making attacks on the Mindtimeshare website and Alberto Garcia, who have for many years published details on fraudsters attempting to scam timeshare owners. These attacks on Mindtimeshare and Alberto Garcia are entirely without foundation.

Timeshare owners that receive unsolicited contacts by email, text or phone should be extremely cautious as those making contact are likely to be acting unlawfully in terms of data protection and could sell personal data on to other rogues. Their typical statements that they obtained the information from a ‘central timeshare register’ is in itself a fraudulent statement.  If you are a timeshare owner in any doubt about businesses making contact with you, information and entirely free assistance is available on this website and further information regarding timeshare rights, consumer protection and exits & claims is also published on

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issues warning about timeshare exit business Termination Services Limited

The FCA has advised that Termination Services Ltd. is not an authorised firm and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon information the FCA holds, it believes this business is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation.

The directors of Terminations Services Ltd are Robert Pinker and David Rhodes. They are also directors of Timeshare Legals Ltd. This business is also not an authorised firm. Both companies state that they are based in Watford.

Both businesses also state that they are working with a Spanish law firm – JLCA & AS.

Robert Pinker was previously a director of a regulated Claims Management Company (CMC) named Olton Alexander Ltd., but information on the Timeshare Legals website reveals that serious and concerning disputes have arisen. It states:

“Timeshare Legals – Is No longer Associated with Olton Alexander Limited.

On 1st January 2019 Timeshare Legals merged with Olton Alexander, Timeshare Legals was the trading name of Olton Alexander Limited. Our agents and staff work with and became a payment agents for Olton Alexander. Due to lack of commitment from Olton Alexander, Timeshare Legals severed its partnership with the company on 30th June 2019. Timeshare Legals is no longer a trading name of Olton Alexander and is now the trading name of Timeshare Legals Limited. Timeshare Legals Limited has no association with Olton Alexander.

It has been quite apparent over the last few weeks if not months, that the increasing number of clients are complaining to Timeshare Legals about Olton Alexanders performance and commitment to pursuing their claims has been extremely lacking. Moreover, very little or no works have been done. We have been frantically trying to help with the problems, the clients are facing from Olton and with the promise from Olton that this will be rectified. It has now become increasingly apparent that this has not been done.

Olton Alexander has been telling clients that they have had no money from clients, when we have proof that they have been paid and emails from Olton confirming they have indeed received money from TSL regarding the clients claims matters.”

If you are a timeshare owner that has engaged with Termination Services Ltd or Timeshare Legals Ltd and are concerned, you can contact Citizens Advice. If you are concerned about Olton Alexander Ltd. you can contact the Financial Conduct Authority. Complaints about services provided by Olton Alexander can also be filed with the Claims Management Ombudsman.

Free assistance is also provided by KwikChex – click here to contact us using our Free Assistance form.

Original FCA warning notice – click here.

Chris Emmins really helped to put my mind at rest

My first contact was with June who was exceptionally patient and understanding about my case, even offering to stay late to wait for me to send more details. Chris Emmins really helped to put my mind at rest during what had been a very stressful time and I am so grateful for all the help and information given. i would not hesitate to recommend KwickChex to anyone. (Reviewed September 2020)

KwikChex providing additional support for timeshare owners on exit issues

In response to requests from timeshare owners that have fallen victim to timeshare exit and claims scams. KwikChex has produced a new online resource – 

Timeshare Exit Concerns

The new website is entirely consumer-focused and timeshare owners are actively participating and contributing to it. Content includes:

  • A key facts section, which details how to spot and stop timeshare exit scams.
  • Consumer rights and consumer protection information on timeshares and timeshare exits.
  • Special reports on major scams that have taken place – currently featuring two on Club Class / ITRA and EZE Group.
  • Assistance and victims support to enable consumers affected by scams to file reports, seek help and join support groups pursuing justice.
  • News updates on current concerns.

To ensure the highest levels of integrity, ‘Consumer Panels’ are being formed which enable timeshare owners to participate in the content and actions taking place. Information on the website has been circulated to law enforcement, consumer protection and government authorities inviting them to provide feedback, which KwikChex will be happy to publish.

The site will be operated to the same high standards as the KwikChex – managed Timeshare Task Force resources, which are UK Trading Standards Vetted & Approved and which received recognition in 2019 when they were acknowledged as a key element in the Business Hero Award presented to KwikChex by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

KwikChex (T/A Timeshare Task Force) – Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Approved Profile:
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