Scammers target Monster Travel customers

KwikChex has been advised by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) of Avon & Somerset police that attempts to defraud are being made connected to the ongoing investigation into Mark Rowe and Monster Travel.

They have released the following bulletin:


We have recently been receiving higher call volumes from victims reporting another influx of cold calls, a number of people have been told that the caller is from The Timeshare Investigation Bureau working with the Home Office. The callers are telling people that Mark Rowe has been dealt with at court and has received a two year suspended sentence. Victims are asked to part with money in order to receive compensation allegedly owed to them.

This is not true, it is a scam.

Mark Rowe is not being investigated by other Country, Police Force or Organisation. The only credible update you will receive regarding proceedings against Mark Rowe will come from us, at a Police Email address. Our investigation into the sale of Monster Credits involving Mark Rowe and others is still under review by the Crown Prosecution Service and we are hoping to provide an update over the coming months.

If you have received contact of this nature we urge you to:

Such scams have been common and have been increasing. Other examples include supposed recovery of monies from victims of EZE Group and ITRA, fake Spanish court rulings and misinformation regarding the status of timeshare companies.

Timeshare owners are urged to be on the alert about unsolicited contacts, such as cold calls, emails and texts. Any such approaches can be checked by contacting the Timeshare Task Force, or with Citizens Advice. If legitimate means of recovery of monies exist, owners will be advised how to go about this safely.

Unsolicited contact should be reported to national data protection agencies, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, and as per the advice from the police, any similar attempts to pressure owners into paying monies should be reported to the authorities.

See our Cold Calling advice page for further information regarding cold calls and what actions you can take.

I am so happy to have contacted KwikChex

I am so happy to have contacted KwikChex, with the help of June and all involved with KwikChex I received all my money back from a bad bad company called Aegis Direct They tell you things that just are not true, if anyone reads this, do not have anything to do with Aegis Direct. With all the help from June, I got through this couple of weeks ,I can’t stress enough what KwikChex as done for me. Thank you June you are an amazing person, and great company to go to. All the best to you and the people who work at KwikChex. Regards Velma

(Reviewed March 2021)

Diamond Resorts acquisition signals increase in rogue business activity

Following the recent Hilton Grand Vacations announcement of their agreement to acquire Diamond Resorts International (see here), Diamond Resorts members have made us aware of attempts by rogue businesses to scare and pressure them into paying substantial fees for various exit and claims services.

They previously used similar deceitful tactics when Diamond was acquired by Apollo Global Management Inc. Their unlawful behaviour includes the following –

  • Unsolicited contact with Diamond members by phone, email and text, in breach of data protection laws.
  • Falsely claiming that Diamond are being put into administration / bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Falsely informing ex-owners that exited their timeshares some time ago, that their contracts will be reinstated and annual fees be demanded.
  • Falsely stating that to exit their timeshares, they will need to pay for a third party service, rather than going to Diamond directly.
  • Attempting to prohibit owners from making contact with Diamond or others that might provide accurate information.
  • Falsely implying that they are regulated, qualified experts able to provide legal advice and assessments.
  • Unlawfully pressuring owners into making rapid decisions, by falsely claiming this is necessary because of factors such as mergers & acquisitions, Brexit or imminent ‘class actions’.

If you are an owner that has been approached in this way or you have been persuaded already to pay fees or enter into a contract based on such behaviour, you can seek free assistance to make reports to authorities and recover monies by using the form on this link

Contact by telephone and email is also available – please see information on this page –

Hilton Grand Vacations to acquire Diamond Resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Diamond Resorts International in a stock-based transaction value of $1.4 billion.

Under terms of the agreement, Apollo Funds and Diamond stockholders will receive 34.5 million shares of HGV common stock, subject to customary adjustments.

The combined company will have approximately 720,000 owners and 154 resorts, a move which increases HGV’s portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts and introduces them to at least 20 new markets.

“I’m excited to announce our transformational agreement to add Diamond Resorts to the Hilton Grand Vacations family, accelerating our next phase of growth,” said Mark Wang, president and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations. “This strategic combination will leverage the strengths of each company, positioning us to drive significant Net Owner Growth while enhancing efficiencies of scale and generating significant shareholder value. Diamond’s extensive regional, drive-to network of resorts and expanded demographics uniquely complement HGV’s best-in-class lead generation, world-class hospitality, and premier destinations backed by the strength of the Hilton brand. For our valued team members, owners and guests, this combination creates new opportunities to provide exciting destinations and memorable vacation experiences while continuing to provide exceptional levels of service.”

“Through this agreement, HGV and Diamond will create a new global standard of vacation ownership hospitality,” said Mike Flaskey, CEO of Diamond Resorts. “Together, we will expand Diamond’s unique events and concert platform and deliver the broadest range of world-class experiences available in the industry, providing our members and owners with additional flexibility, unforgettable vacations and experiences of a lifetime. We are thrilled to join the HGV family and look forward to achieving new heights of excellence.”

Read the Hilton Grand Vacations press release here.

Since the announcement by Hilton Grand Vacations, there has been an increase in the activities of rogue claims businesses targeting Diamond Resorts members. See further information here.

The support from KwikChex was invaluable

The support from KwikChex was invaluable in achieving release from our timeshare ownership without any penalty. Chris Emmins provided straightforward and clear advice in my dealings with the timeshare organisation, and was happy to intervene if required to help the process along. His knowledge of the timeshare industry was extremely beneficial enabling him to advise appropriately and lend weight to the release process. I am in no doubt that I would not have achieved a successful conclusion without KwikChex and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

(Reviewed March 2021)

Excellent help and advice from June Payne

We were approached by Aegis Direct SL on a cold call about our Diamond Resorts membership and we were heavily persuaded to go with Aegis Direct SL to get our membership nullified but following excellent help and advice from June Payne we got all our deposit paid to Aegis back from Aegis Direct SL as we discovered we were already out of Diamond some three years before.

(Reviewed March 2021)

June Payne’s help was invaluable

I was in despair after falling foul of a Timeshare Exit scammer. June Payne’s help was invaluable, responding to my emails with prompt, sound advice. Once June had pointed me in the right direction I was out of my Timeshare commitment in less than three weeks at zero cost. KwikChex is endorsed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and maintains a very useful database of companies in the timeshare market. Their service was completely free. Beware any unsolicited approach from companies or individuals offering a service for a fee or a no win no fee, no matter how genuine and empathetic they may seem as they have probably obtained your data illegally and there will inevitably be a catch.

(Reviewed March 2021)

Forever grateful to you

We contacted June in a state of panic really, after realising that we’d fallen for a scam from Aegis Direct SL. Claiming that they could reclaim All of the maintenance money that we’d ever paid going back to 2003! But, they wanted money upfront to:
A – release us from ownership.
B – claim compensation.

Stupidly we parted with £600 as part payment of £6k!! (They’re very convincing). We contacted June the next morning after a sleepless night. Feeling very stupid. June was absolutely top class! So very reassuring, calm and collected. She then proceeded to talk me through the, “Do’s & Don’ts” and not to worry. (not easy when you’re panicking) but, she was absolutely spot on. Not only did June guide us through this mess but , surprisingly, we actually got our money back!! Forever grateful to you

(Reviewed February 2021)

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