Reasons for warning

International Timeshare Refund Action Limited (ITRA) has been wound up by the Court (30/01/2019) and is now in liquidation.

As ITRA is in liquidation no further proceedings can be brought against it without the permission of the Court. However if you consider that you are a creditor of ITRA then you should file a proof of debt in the liquidation (see update below for full details).

We are also aware that in a number of cases that the ITRA sister company, ECC or European Consumer Claims has been approaching consumers that have paid sums to ITRA, stating they will take over cases. Should your receive such an approach, please let us know so we can provide further advice. See latest ECC update article below:

Advice regarding ECC (European Consumer Claims) 4th April 2019

Please also see the ITRA profile which contains a full list of associated businesses and further information


Businesses under the same ownership include

  • ECC (European Claims Centre)
  • Timeshare Advice Centre
  • Timeshare Release

What to do if you believe you have been affected


Consumers that have been affected are advised to immediately file a report with Action Fraud online https://www.actionfraud. or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Getting your money back

Section 75 refunds

If the initial payment was made by credit card to ITRA or any of the connected businesses we would strongly recommend contacting your bank. A Section 75 claim can be made for the initial payment and any other balance payments (even if these weren’t paid using the credit card).


If you paid via PayPal – even if you used a credit card, contact PayPal and raise a dispute via their Resolution Centre resources.  Advise them of the circumstances.


It is worth checking your insurance policies to see whether you are insured against fraud, theft and/or dishonesty. This may be through a stand-alone policy – for example, for card protection (individuals) or employee dishonesty/fidelity (businesses) – or as part of a wider insurance product such as home contents, travel, or legal expenses.

Submit a proof of debt form to the Insolvency practitioners

We hope this information has been helpful. If you require further assistance, please contact us