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Product Offered: Timeshare Claims.
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Justice4 Limited
Number One Waterton Park, Bridgend, Wales, CF31 3PH
Company No. 8652601


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Business Address:Number Two Waterton Park, Bridgend, Wales, CF31 3PH
Phone Number:01656 451 000
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What happened when we reached out to this business?
The owner of the business contacted us and stated that he wished to use the full KwikChex verification processes. A number of questions were put to him and he has responded as follows.

1. Cold Calls

All data obtained by Justice4 is bought legitimately from registered data companies which comply with data protection and TPS services. Our data is pretty generic when purchased and effectively “farmed” by ourselves using the latest in dialling software direct from our call centre. We buy generic data with certain qualifications such as age and income. From this all data is then rung and the call centre operative assumes the client is a timeshare owner, where they are not the call centre operative apologises for the call and moves onto the next call, where the client agrees that they own timeshare (or have bought in the past) the operative will then ask the client a few questions to initially find information regarding their purchase and experiences. I have included in this email, a couple of invoices from our data suppliers to prove our source and to allow you to investigate their legitimacy.

2. Upfront fees for relinquishment

When we first launched, we offered a relinquishment service through a lawyer (as do other legitimate UK companies) and successfully relinquished a number of clients from their contracts. This was effectively a by-product of our claims process as not all unhappy timeshare clients are eligible for claims. We charged upfront as this is how we were charged by the solicitors/lawyers directly. This has now changed as resorts are becoming more open to relinquishing clients weeks without cost. With this in mind, we have taken the decision to stop charging upfront for relinquishment services and concentrate on legitimate claims. We have also started refunding clients who have already paid relinquishment fees upfront until the relinquishment has been completed. Should you be contacted by any client of Justice4 who wishes to have a refund until such time the relinquishment has been successful then we are happy to honour that. We have also included the following paragraph on our website:

** Please note, we always advise our clients to contact the resort directly to see if they offer a relinquishment service. We also advise you, before entering into any Section 75 or 75a claims that you should always contact the retailer to try and resolve your problem. Please NEVER PAY ANY MORE MONEY to the retailer or resort to resolve any problems. If you are asked to pay money to your resort or retailer to resolve a problem, please feel free to contact us for FREE UNBIASED advice before paying any monies**

To answer your questions on this point by point (even though we are not actively marketing this service any more) please see below:

The fees are accurate as in some cases, the resort will ask for 1 years maintenance to release the client from their responsibilities, plus we need to pay a solicitor or lawyer to write the letters and follow up the process.

All payments are made to the lawyers immediately. The percentage is our own business I’m afraid as this is negotiated with the lawyers, and includes our costs to travel to the client and handle the process. We feel the service reflects good value for money and the client is free to cancel the agreement at any time if they are not happy with the fees we charge.

All Justice4 clients have a guarantee that the price they pay is the only money needed to perform the task we offer. Justice4 will NEVER ask for additional fees.

All Justice4 clients have FULL ACCESS to the lawyer or Solicitor that is handling their service. The processes and legal standpoint is explained to them by an assessor (who has been trained by the lawyers). If the process or legal standpoint changes for whatever reason, the lawyer will contact both the client and Justice4 directly to advise and the client is then contacted by Justice4 to ensure the client fully understands the situation and where possible, the timeframes.

Any cases are based on previous won cases and case law according to jurisdiction. When there are amounts to be claimed by our clients, these amounts are agreed by the lawyer and the client is informed in writing of the amount the lawyer will be claiming on their behalf.

Justice4 will NEVER charge for any help with section 75 claims. This is a free service and we only offer this service to further aid clients who feel they have been either mis-sold. On most occasions, we have to inform clients that they are not eligible for section 75 claims as they have been duped by other companies who have taken payment up-front to handle non legitimate claims (over 6 years, incorrect evidence, paypal payments etc.)

I hope this makes our position completely clear and validates any concerns you may have about Justice4 Limited.

I have also included Javier Correa within this email as he is handling a majority of our current cases.

Kind regards, Lee Pallister
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As part of the Timeshare Business Check processes and in respect of KwikChex verification processes, the business owners agree to verify enquiries put to them and to go through a resolutions process when necessary.
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