Associated Timeshare Business
Associated Company Name:Personal Travel Group Ltd (PTG)
Geo Demographic Market Research Limited (GDMR)
Incentive Leisure Group Ltd (ILG) (Dissolved)
Details of criminal activity:ILG and PTG sold and marketed holiday club memberships and other holiday based products to consumers. GDMR placed adverts in national and local newspapers and in-flight magazines on behalf of ILG.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) issued proceedings to stop these companies and individuals using sales and marketing practices that the OFT considered to be misleading or otherwise unlawful. These practices were being used when selling and marketing holiday club memberships and other holiday based products.
Authority Actions:Mar-2012
* Final enforcement order was obtained from the High Court against Keith Barker prohibiting engaging in misleading sales practices when dealing with people who want to dispose of their timeshares, and require consumers to be given cancellation rights in certain circumstances.
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Associated Timeshare Business
Associated Company Name:Incentive Leisure Group UK
Details of criminal activity:Selling holidays through ‘a customer-to-customer social marketing scheme’, another apparent pyramid scheme. Enticed unsuspecting clients to ‘90-minute presentations’ with the promise of a holiday or finding a buyer for their unwanted timeshares. The sales pitches often lasted five hours, with victims being persuaded to pay for membership of Spanish-based Designer Way Vacation Club after being told they would get their money returned through a cashback scheme.
Authority Actions:Jul-2009
* Convicted of 11 counts of fraud.
* Fined £29,000.
* Pay share of the Trading Standards’ prosecution costs of £26,000.
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Other Associated People
Kimberley Bambroffe
Martin White
Jonathan Daniels
Mark Gales
Robert Knight
Lily Alderson
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