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The funding for the Timeshare Task Force and helpline is provided by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO), which is the trade association for vacation ownership across Europe. KwikChex recognises the need for transparency and diligence when a consumer resource is being funded by a trade organisation. The need for impartiality is imperative, even when the service being provided to consumers is entirely free. KwikChex has already been working extensively with law enforcement bodies, including the UK police and Trading Standards and has asked Trading Standards to vet the processes taking place to ensure that all assistance given meets the highest standards.

For the sake of transparency, which is fundamental to our business, please note that KwikChex receives retainer fees from various Timeshare companies including Diamond, Azure and CLC in return for advising about and taking action against rogue businesses. We do not let this affect the nature in which we handle concerns or complaints regarding these companies and our connections have proven a useful asset.

Of course, some consumers do make complaints or express concerns about traditional timeshare resorts and products, including RDO members. These too are unequivocally accepted by KwikChex and the same diligent processes followed. Some cases are quickly resolved to the satisfaction of consumers. Where this is not immediately possible and it concerns an RDO member, they may be passed (with the consumer’s permission) to RDO’s Consumer department. RDO has a mediation and arbitration service to resolve cases under their members Code of Conduct. However, KwikChex continues to monitor such cases and to provide further assistance if the consumer wishes. This is independent of the RDO processes and is subject to scrutiny by Trading Standards.