Associated Timeshare Business
Associated Company Name:Devon Based Associates
(Dissolved on 10 February 2015)
Details of criminal activity:Pretended to be offering a compensation package to disgruntled timeshare owners but were actually offered over-priced deals to get out of their contracts. Used hard sell based on scare tactics.
Authority Actions:Jan-2014
* Business shut down by Trading Standards.
* Convicted of 3 offences contrary to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading regs.
* Suspended 12 month sentence.
* 200 hours unpaid community work.
* Disqualified from being a company director for five years.
* Faces seizure of his assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
* Ordered to repay £100.
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Associated Timeshare Business
Associated Company Name:Saint Frances Marketing Limited
(Trading as Buena Viva and Classic Cruisers)
Details of criminal activity:Offered potential customers in Exeter, Torquay and Taunton ‘free’ or ‘heavily discounted’ holidays which were the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’. Interested parties were misled into believing that once purchased, they could not cancel their holiday contracts – despite being bought with cancellable credit agreements. The company also wrongly told customers it would buy the products back at their original price after two years.
Authority Actions:Nov-2010
* Given a 3 year conditional discharge at Exeter Crown Court after pleading guilty to specimen charges under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.
* Ordered to pay £12,500 in costs.
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Other Associated People
John Girvin (Brothers)
Niel Mendoza
Mark (Marc) Herbert
Karen Henthorne
Carol Small
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