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Associated Company Name:Real Timeshare Marketing
(spin-off of Creative Vacation Solutions)
Details of criminal activity:A telemarketing timeshare resale scheme targeting timeshare owners throughout the United States and Canada. Falsely represented that it had found buyers for the consumers’ timeshare interests and solicited fees of up to several thousand dollars from each consumer in purported pre-paid closing costs and related expenses. The sales did not occur, closings were not scheduled as was often represented, and, in fact, Real Timeshare Marketing did not successfully sell any consumer’s timeshare interest. Between roughly December 1, 2009 and April 28, 2010 Real Timeshare Marketing victimized approximately 615 consumers of over $1.3 million dollars.
Authority Actions:Jan-2011, Illinios, US
* Guilty of conspiracy to commit mail fraud.
* Jailed for 51 months.
* Received five years supervised release.
* Ordered to pay $249,432.75 in restitution and assessed a $300 fine.
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Other Associated People
Ryan Brazel
Anthony Colon
Darnel Disroe
Troy Dye
John Robert Eddy
John Thomas Egan
Daniel James Ferrara
Jeffrey Tracey Fields
Steve (Steven) Folan
Kenneth Foote
Chris Gilkey
Daniel L Gregg
Joseph Grizzanti
Cloyd James Holmes
Joel Intravaia
David Johnson
Ralph Johnson
Jennifer Kirk
Marc Martinangelo
Jr Gino Christopher Marquez
Brian Morris
Robert Santiago
Robert Schmucker
Joshua G Schneidau
Michael Starace
Lacey Marie Stone
Erin Todd
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