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Product Offered: Legal Practice
Transparency evaluation:Address provided on webite but not telephone number or e-mail. Legal entity not provided on website. Transparency Failure
Actions by authorities:A complaint was filed with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in February 2015. This challenged the following statements on the Pennington McClane website:

"We are an experienced, internationally focused collection of highly experienced Legal and tax advisors. Our advisors deal mainly in taxation & consumer law problems, with a specific focus on aspects of misrepresentation on the part of businesses operating in the holiday and automotive sectors. We have an unrivalled reputation in advising and representing clients to achieve the successful rescission of timeshare products and also in assisting people who have been alleged to have committed serious offences in relation to taxation. We do not deal directly with members of the public and only accept work referred to us by our close network of consultants and through other professional service and legal firms. Our reputation for passing your case to the most qualified advocates - many times at the outset - and for providing overwhelming evidence and support for our clients means that, should you have a genuine case, victory will likely be decisive, swift and to your total satisfaction".

and copyright information
“Pennington Mcclane & Associates © 2009-2014 | Legal Advice Without Compromise”

After contact was made by the ASA, Pennington McClane agreed to remove these statements and the matter was concluded informally - click on the following to see the reference on the ASA website -

Kevin Pennington (Director of Pennington McClane) - In 2007 was convicted of arson after setting fire to a friend's house over an unpaid debt. He served two years imprisonment.
Verified Information**:Name & Registered Office:
Pennington, McClane & Associates Ltd
Dissolved 23 February 2016
32 Devonshire Road, Blackpool, FY3 8AA
Company No: 09132527
Other Sources*:
RDO Member:No
Contact DetailsAs supplied by business
Business Address:32 Devonshire Road, Blackpool, FY3 8AA
Phone Number:01253 708905
Other Trading names
Pennington McClane Timeshare Business Check Profile
Mediation Advice Bureau Timeshare Business Check Profile
Lance Oakley
The Mediation Consultancy Timeshare Business Check Profile
Read Consultancy Solutions Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Lawyers 4 U Timeshare Business Check Profile

Kevin Pennington Related Organisations:

Kevin Pennington also runs Blackpool PC Repair
Kevin Pennington also director of Lancashire Damp & Timber Ltd
Kevin Pennington advisor to Armed Forces Holiday Club
What happened when we reached out to this business?
We contacted this business by e-mail and website form on 23/02/2015. We asked for confirmation of company registration details, business trading address and also a response to online allegations. The business responded on 02/03/2015. We have responded with further questions.
Observations and comments
On 02/03/2015 Pennington McClane advised that the company had ceased trading.
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