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The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) – information, including exit policies for its members
The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is the representative body (trade association) for timeshare businesses in Europe. It is the principal funder of the free resources made available to timeshare owners within the Timeshare Task Force initiative.
The RDO requires all of its members to have an exit policy in place. Since this was introduced in 2012, it has been reviewed on a number of occasions – and RDO members have since introduced their own, often extended policies.
The core principles of the exit policies available are to
  • Provide options for all owners to exit
  • In the case of difficulties in enjoying the benefits of their timeshares, such as poor health, bereavement or severe financial problems, to act sympathetically to alleviate the difficulties.
The potential for selling timeshares or relinquishment vary considerably and so the best advice in the first instance is for owners to check with their timeshare companies / resorts to see what is possible. In many cases, owners experiencing severe difficulties are able to leave free of any charges. We recommend strongly that owners do not enter into any agreements or pay fees to exit and claims businesses without first checking these options.
A list of RDO members is available on the RDO website on the following link

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