This is a new section intended to promote awareness of options that are often available to timeshare owners. In many cases, owners are able to sell or rent out their timeshares. This is of course subject to demand for the resort, time of year, type of timeshare etc. – but is very much worth checking. We have found that many owners have not attempted these options, or have been put off doing so by misinformation or through fear of scams. They are often also misleadingly told by ‘exit businesses that no such options exist – click the button below to see the article ‘Hundreds of millions needlessly lost by timeshare owners to exit rogues’.

We have started with 2 resale businesses that are members of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO), who abide by a code of conduct. In addition, these businesses have contributed funds to assist scam avoidance. As always, owners can also seek assistance with any questions or concerns they have.

Please find details for each business below.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket

Confused About Timeshare


If you require further assistance, please contact us