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Product Offered: Timeshare Resale
Transparency evaluation:Address and e-mail not provided on website. Legal entity not provided on website. Transparency Failure
Actions by authorities:A complaint was filed with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in March 2015. This challenged the following statements on the Sell Your Timeshare Now website:

"We are a UK based company with years of experience in matching sellers with buyers or disposal companies. We have helped thousands of people to rid themselves of the liability that their timeshare has become"
"a proven service that is guaranteed to offer you a way out of your Timeshare"

​After contact was made by the ASA, Sell Your Timeshare Now agreed to remove these statements and the matter was concluded informally - click on the following to see the reference on the ASA website - ​
Verified Information**:None known
Other Sources*:
RDO Member:No
Contact Details
Business Address:Not verified and not present on website
Phone Number:0800 0124645
Other Trading names
A telephone number quoted on the website - 0800 012 4645 has been used extensively by a business called Sell My Timeshare (​ - a part of Hollywood Marketing SL, based in Tenerife, which also includes the business Monster Travel.
What happened when we reached out to this business?
We contacted this business by e-mail and website form on 26/02/2015. We asked for confirmation of company registration details, business trading address and also a response to online allegations.

This business responded on 26th Feb, requesting further clarification.

We replied on 26th Feb

Many thanks for your prompt response and apologies - to clarify - this ink contains content pertinent to your business / website ​

In addition, we note ourselves that the site does not currently appear to comply with Trading Disclosure regulations

and repeated our request for details of the legal entity / ownership of the site.

On 10th March the business replied:

I am not inclined to provide you with any information. You emailed me stating there had been online allegations against my website which is totally unfounded. From researching your company I can find no authority you hold whatsoever to request this information. Before I answer any questions at all please provide the following

1) Evidence of the allegations against my website
2) Under what legal authority you require this information
3) How you intend to use the information and keep it safe under the Data Protection Act

​On 10th March, we responded -

1) Providing details of the allegations, including links​

2) Explaining that we publish verified information intended to inform consumers. We do not have any enforcement authority ourselves, so obviously you are not obliged to answer our enquiries. We are of course entitled to publish the type of information we provide on our website and of course to notify the relevant authorities of any apparent breaches of law. We contact businesses as part of our verification processes in order to enable them to provide information to clarify issues that are already on the internet or have been reported to us by consumers.

3) Explaining that registration details of a UK company are public information and as such can and are published without any infringement of Data Protection Laws. In fact, as we advised earlier, non-disclosure of such information can constitute a breach of UK law. This is covered under The Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008

To date no further response has been received from this business.
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