Solicitor Seth Lovis has suddenly ceased trading

Law firm Seth Lovis, which offered services concerning timeshare relinquishment and claims has announced that they have ceased trading.

Consumers that have instructed the firm should have received letters providing advice on what they should now do. Some information has been provided on the website – see link

We are aware that some consumers were introduced to Seth Lovis after paying other businesses for advice – and that there have been complaints regarding unsatisfactory service. If you have been affected and are not satisfied with the situation, then you may contact KwikChex via the Task Force website – is entirely free and the service is Trading Standards vetted and approved.

Linder Myers

Preview by Thumbshots.comLinder Myers*
Product Offered: Solicitors (working with the Timeshare Consumer Association -
Transparency evaluation:Details of business and legal entity provided on website.
Actions by authorities:None Known
Verified Information**:Name & Registered Office of Current Company:
Metamorph Law Ltd
Sale Point, 126-150 Washway Road, Sale, England, M33 6RJ
Company No. 09041177

Name & Registered Office of Previous Company:
Linder M Realisations LLP
In Administration
Previous Name - Linder Myers LLP
3rd Floor 37 Frederick Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4EA
Company No. OC338426
Other Sources*:Linder Myers avoids administration with Assure Law rescue deal

Linder Myers starts talks on redundancies

Lawyer smashed neighbour's ornamental lights in row over tree
RDO Member:No
Contact DetailsAs supplied by business
Business Address:Head Office
Phoenix House
45 Cross Street
Manchester, M2 4JF
Phone Number:0844 984 6000
Other Trading names
None known
What happened when we reached out to this business?
We advised this firm of the details of their profile on 17/07/14.
Observations and comments
A law firm working with the Timeshare Consumer Association -

Stephen Boyd

In May 2014, a new company was formed - The Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd. The owner of the new company is Stephen Boyd - previously a partner at the law firm Linder Myers. This new business is a acting as a generator for legal actions.

David Cox

The person that runs the site on a day to day basis - David Cox states that they charge £240 to assess cases - and that the payments are currently made directly to Linder Myers. There is no guarantee that after the payment is made that any action will be taken.

Rogue business claiming to be cooperating with Linder Myers:

ITRA - a business that had action taken against it by the UK Authorities -

ASA ruling -

News articles about Linder Myers:

Linder Myers avoids administration with Assure Law rescue deal

Linder Myers starts talks on redundancies

Stephen Boyd has left Linder Myers and has apparently been working with Hermes Law in Manchester.

News article re founder of Hermes Law, Paul Willan and previous partner of Linder Myers:

Lawyer smashed neighbour's ornamental lights in row over tree
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