European Consumer Claims (ECC) fails to uphold promises made to timeshare owner scammed by ABC Lawyers

Thousands paid to ABC Lawyers by timeshare owner, then after paying thousands more, European Consumer Claims (ECC) fails to keep any promises made. 

‘ABC Lawyers’ – the fake lawyers issuing ‘exit certificates’ not worth the paper they are printed on 

Investigations into ABC Lawyers have revealed that these aren’t lawyers at allinstead they’re part of a nexus of timeshare related scammers using high pressure selling tactics to persuade consumers that their options are limited and time sensitive. This business has scammed thousands from unsuspecting timeshare owners. 

In 2016, ABC Lawyers convincing Mrs. K that it was in her best interests – in fact the only option available to free her from her timeshare, to pay £9000 for their ‘expert legal services Afterwards Mrs. K received an ‘exit certificate’ confirming that she had successfully exited her timeshare agreement. However, it became apparent that this certificate was worthless when she was subsequently chased for the outstanding annual fees, which she had been instructed by ABC Lawyers not to pay. This would place a lot of stress on Mrs. K as her annual fees continued to build up and her timeshare company’s lawyers explained that the ‘exit certificate’ was nothing more than a con by ABC Lawyers. 

In 2017, after thousands of consumer complaints, police in the UK and Spain conducted a series of raids and arrested the ringleaders behind the scam operation. 

European Consumer Claims (ECC) – the new owners of the ABC Lawyers brand 

Moving forward to January 2020 and Mrs. K had been contacted by European Consumer Claims (ECC), the new owners of the ABC Lawyers brand. They promised that they would succeed where their predecessors failed and would definitely be able to conclude the contract termination, citing their “exclusivity to Spanish firm of lawyers, M1 Legal.” 

Once again, a fee was asked and shortly after Mrs. K paid ECC another £8995. Enter Steven John of ECC “Don’t worry” he affirmed “We will sort this out in a few weeks”. 

This is where things once again take an all too familiar turn. ECC had promised to pay an agreed settlement figure to end the timeshare contract and pay off the outstanding fees. They had in fact promised this several times throughout, but they repeatedly failed to keep their promise, with Mrs K and the lawyers finding it increasingly difficult to get a meaningful or honest response from Steven John. That’s likely due to the fact that Steven John is nothing more than a fake persona invented by Patrick O’Connor, known to have used the alias Steven John for years – he did the same thing for ECC sister business ITRA, which was wound up in 2019 after failing to provide promised services and then failing to make court ordered refunds. 

After the fake ‘Steven John’ saga, having been scammed by ABC and then handing more money to ECC, Mrs. K was forced to pay nearly £5000 to finally put an end to it all. The timeshare company’s lawyer had by this time told Mrs K that she could have exited her timeshare directly – there was no need to pay ABC Lawyers or ECC. 

Finally, Mrs. K contacted KwikChex and received free advice that has enabled her to claim back all the money she paid ECC under a Section 75 claim. The monies she paid ABC lawyers are now the subject of liquidation proceedings. 

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Azure Liquidation Updates

Updates 07/05/20, 08/05/20, 13/05/20, 19/05/20, 09/07/20, 07/08/20 & 07/09/20

Azure Services Ltd. Malta Liquidation 07/05/20

KwikChex has been informed that Azure Services Ltd. of Malta has entered into liquidation proceedings.

Click here to view the PDF notification that has been issued concerning this.

At this stage, it is not clear how this may affect a number of issues, from continuing timeshare ownership, to the ongoing matters concerning legal challenges made regarding loans made for the purchasing of timeshares through Azure during the period between 1 April 2014 and 24 April 2016. Click here to view a copy of the PDF of decision made in August 2018 by Judge Timothy Herrington.

All of these matters are likely to be complex and take some time and KwikChex will do all possible to provide updates. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that those likely to be affected – creditors and timeshare owners, register their interest as per the notice by sending an email to the following address – As there is an initial creditors meeting (by telephone conference call)  at 17.00 hrs Central European Time on Monday 11 May, you may wish to do this as a matter of urgency.

We would also urge Azure timeshare owners to be very cautious regarding any approaches made regarding ‘compensation claims’.  We have seen many examples of attempts to defraud consumers in similar circumstances. The fact is that at present, both the status of the timeshare ownerships and the question of the challenged loans are going through legal processes and the outcomes are currently unknown. If you are approached, get all the details you can – preferably asking those that make the approaches to put details in an email to you. KwikChex will be pleased to respond to any owners making checks in this regard.



Further Azure Information 08/05/20

Information coming direct to KwikChex and in the media in Malta appears to confirm that timeshare ownership at the Golden Sand Resort in Malta will not be affected by the insolvency proceedings taking place concerning Azure Services Malta, which operated as the sales & marketing company for timeshares at the resort.

Major shareholder Corinthia Group  expressed its intention to conduct the liquidation process in an orderly manner and that timeshare owners would continue to enjoy the same service and benefits as they had in past years. They  reaffirmed that the Golden Sands Resort will fully honour all timeshare commitments arising from obligations entered into with existing members.

With regard to matters related specifically to Azure Services Ltd. such as the review ordered of loans for timeshares that took place between 1 April 2014 and 24 April 2016, this matter remains ongoing. KwikChex continues to urge caution regarding any approaches to timeshare owners by businesses offering compensation services and will be pleased to help owners evaluate any such approaches.

KwikChex has been in contact with a number of parties, including trustees and will continue to provide information to the best of our ability. Further updates are expected to be available next week.



Azure Clarification 13/05/2020

Several owner / members  at ‘Azure Malta’ – the timeshare clubs Island Residence Club, The Heavenly Collection and Azure Ultra, have been asking KwikChex for further clarification as the information first released regarding insolvency processes was difficult to understand. KwikChex has been in contact with the liquidators, who continue to reassure that the benefits of timeshare ownership will remain.

We have specifically asked if owners have to contact the liquidators to ensure their rights are secured and / or complete the claim forms for creditors and have been advised that they do not have to do this. For the sake of clarity, please see a copy of the response  we received – which also includes a link to a dedicated information website.

With regard to consumers that may have already been seeking to relinquish their timeshares or are actually involved in claims processes,  these will need further assessment and KwikChex will be pleased to assist upon request.

Some consumers have also been seeking clarification regarding the earlier court order concerning loans made to purchase timeshare between 1 April 2014 and 24 April 2016.  This is an ongoing review process by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and will continue.

We again advise members / owners to be extremely cautious if approached regarding claims  said to be connected to the liquidation process. KwikChex will be pleased to help evaluate any such approaches.

Response to our request for clarification below:


Thank you for your email.

At the current stage, the members do not have to contact the liquidators or complete the claim form.

Members of the timeshare clubs managed by the Company are considered to be a stakeholder in the liquidation to the extent that the Company remains the club manager for Island Residence Club, The Heavenly Collection and Azure Ultra. As mentioned in the FAQs, we are working diligently to transfer the role of club manager so that the club can continue and members remain able to utilise their timeshare holiday entitlement. We will provide members with updates on our progress through the dedicated website –

We will have more information in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,
Martin Brylka



Update 19/05/20

The first creditors meetings have taken place with regard to the various ‘Azure companies’. These were formalities as such to enable the continuation of the liquidation process.

For Azure timeshare owners, the principal interest is in the continuing right to use their weeks at the resort and KwikChex is advised that there is no change to previous statements in this regard – i.e., that the rights will continue as soon as the travel restrictions related to Covid-19 are lifted.

KwikChex will continue to provide updates.

Claims processes
If you are an owner that is currently involved in a claim alleging misselling of any type or have been approached in this regard with a view to making a claim, this is a separate but potentially connected matter likely to fall into a number of different categories, including matters associated with loans being reviewed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and claims that may have been or may in future be submitted to the
UK Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). KwikChex will provide free information assistance to any consumers affected by such matters.


Update 09/07/20

The below update was sent to Azure consumers yesterday.

Dear Member

Please find attached a communication regarding the appointment of a new Club Manager for Golden Sands Island Residence Club, The Heavenly Collection, Azure Experiences Membership Club (Azure X).

Kind Regards

For and on behalf of FNTC (UK) Ltd

Attachment below (opens a PDF)




Update 07/08/20

The below update was sent to Azure consumers yesterday.

Dear Member

Please find attached a letter we have been asked to forward to you by the joint liquidators.
If you have any questions on this letter please contact the liquidators at the address provided in the letter.

For and on behalf of FNTC (UK) Limited

Attachment – Club Transfer Communication (opens a PDF)




Azure Ultra Club

KwikChex has been keeping Azure timeshare owners / club members up to date and we became aware that clarification regarding the Azure Ultra Club status did not seem to have been made available. We queried this with the liquidators, who have replied advising that they have now updated these members. If you are an Azure Ultra Club Member and have not received this advice, or have concerns about the content of the advice, please contact us and we will provide free assistance.

Silverpoint News

June 2019

We are aware that some consumers are receiving notices of provisional liquidation regarding Excel Overseas Holdings and ELPP Investment – and that in many cases there are connections to Silverpoint and associated properties in Tenerife.

We have also been receiving complaints from consumers regarding being unable to contact representatives of Silverpoint and ‘Insignia’.

What already appeared as complex matters has become more so and at present there are no obvious answers. However, the situation warrants further investigation and we will be pleased to assist in this respect and are looking to consult with specialist lawyers and investigators. If you have been affected by these issues and would like your case to be potentially examined, please let us know – we will need your permission to pass on your details and data pertinent to your complaints and potential claims.

Monster News

June 2019
Several consumers have informed us they have received documents relating to the purported liquidation of Monster. There has been no substantiation that we have seen that this is a genuine legal process and would therefore advise extreme caution.
We have also been informed that the police team conducting the investigation of Monster are also aware of this but have stated that they cannot offer specific advice regarding this at this time. We presume that this is because of the current status of the investigation.
More information regarding Monster and connected companies: