Resort Management Direct exposed by the BBC consumer affairs programme You & Yours


Resort Management Direct had been cold calling RDO members saying they were entitled to a free holiday. An admin fee of approximately £200 would apply.
However consumers found the holidays near impossible to book and some were later advised that they needed to attend a presentation whilst on holiday. Refunds were never given.
Blaine Connell, the owner of Resort Management Direct has previously had civil action taken against him by RCI for passing himself and his employees off as RCI affiliates.
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TATOC publishes Spring 2014 issue of Sharetime magazine

RCIVenturesCredits: RCI Ventures
By: Steve Adams

TATOC, the Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees), has published the Spring 2014 issue of its Sharetime magazine.

Aimed at timeshare owners and the committees/HOA who represent them, the 32-page magazine is filled with the latest TATOC, resort and industry news, advice and features.

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Three arrested in alleged €600,000 Fuengirola fraud

RCIVenturesCredits: RCI Ventures
By: Steve Adams

MindTimeshare, the Spanish-based organisation that helps to help timeshare owners who are the victims of rogue operators, has announced a major breakthrough in Fuengirola.

Three people that were behind nine companies that allegedly defrauded hundreds of European timeshare owners out of €600,000 were arrested last year following a report lodged with the police in Fuengirola by Mindtimeshare.

The companies’ alleged modus operandi involved cold calling timeshare owners purporting to be calling from a Spanish law office and informing them that a case had been ruled in the Spanish courts against their resort and that a fund of money had been set aside for ‘victims’.

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RCI Action Group

Preview by Thumbshots.comRCI Action Group (transfers into*
Product Offered: Compensation Claim /Class Action.
Transparency evaluation:Legal entity and address/phone number not provided on website. Transparency Failure
Actions by authorities:Seven associated businesses closed by UK authorities:
Club Class Concierge Plc
Bridge View Consultants
Club Class Holdings Ltd
Club Class Corporation Plc
Club Class International Plc
Club Class Concierge Ltd
Club Class Plc

ASA Adjudication on International Timeshare Refund Action (incorporated in the Seychelles) t/a ITRA,PO Box 561, PMB G416,Gibraltar
Verified Information**:Unable to verify registered company details
Other Sources*:
RDO Member:No
Contact DetailsAs supplied by business
Business Address:Unknown
Phone Number:Unknown
Other Trading names
ITRA Timeshare Business Check Profile
Baker & Siluad Managers Ltd Timeshare Business Check profile
Cancel Our Timeshare Timeshare Business Check profile
Cashback Europe PLC Timeshare Business Check profile
CLC Action Group (redirects to Timeshare Business Check profile
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R. A. Consultants Timeshare Business Check profile
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Release Your Timeshare Timeshare Business Check profile
Selgmintimeshare Timeshare Business Check profile
Sherlock Marketing Timeshare Business Check profile
Slapp fur Timeshare Timeshare Business Check profile
Sochalls LLP Timeshare Business Check profile
Solution for Timeshare Timeshare Business Check profile
Timeshare Advice Centre Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Law Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Release Timeshare Business Check profile
Victoria Marketing Timeshare Business Check profile
Wir stornieren Timesharing Timeshare Business Check profile
What happened when we reached out to this business?
On 10th December, we received the following concerning our initial enquiries into the website

"Dear Sirs
With reference to your below enquiry.
The website clearly states that is a trading name of International Timeshare Refund Action Ltd. please confirm under what authority you request information.
Yours sincerely

We have responded as follows:

Many thanks for replying to our enquiry.

The Timeshare Business Check website is a verification resource which involves cooperation between several organisations. These include the European Consumer Centre, which represents and advises consumers across Europe. The details of participants is on the website.

The sole objective is to provide genuinely verified information on businesses operating across the timeshare spectrum - principally all businesses that fall within the regulations set by the EU Timeshare Directive.

We note that you mention which is certainly one of the businesses / websites that we have enquirer about - but you have initially replied in response to our enquiry regarding another website - This website does not have any ownership or legal entity information that we can see.

In terms of the other site you mention -, thank you for advising that it is a trading name of Iternational Timeshare Refund Action Ltd. Could you please confirm the following in order that we can verify:

Where the aforementioned business is registered and the company registration number?

Whether is also a trading name of this company?

In addition, we note that your email is signed 'ITRA Ltd' Is this a separate legal entity that is also an owner or is responsible for both of the websites mentioned above - and if so, would you please then also provide the company registration detail for this business too - i.e., the country in which it is registered and the registration number?

See further observations below.
Observations and comments
One of several entities connected to operations that the UK authorities have taken action against to protect consumers. They have switched to other jurisdictions and continue to attract numerous complaints. Part of the ITRA operation which attempts to persuade consumers and timeshare owners that it acts in their interest. If contacted by any of these associated businesses and trading names, please report to Timeshare Business Check and / or seek advice from a trusted and reliable lawyer or a government approved consumer organisation.

The response received by email from 'ITRA Ltd.' and the subsequent failure to clarify further and the previous history, including actions taken have reinforced our concerns regarding all the listed associated businesses, websites etc.
We are therefore sending all the information to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and asking them for their opinion.
We are now also adding a warning flag to all the associated businesses and websites advising: Warning - Multiple unsatisfied concerns
Report your concerns
Information & disclaimers:
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