They always answered my emails quickly and were polite, courteous and professional at all times

I cannot thank Chris and his team at KwikChex enough for all the help and advice that they provided.

I first contacted them 12 months ago for help and they guided me through the lengthy process of trying to obtain a refund from [a timeshare relinquishment business].

When [the timeshare relinquishment business] refused to communicate, KwikChex continued to provide support and advice which enabled me to make a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act which resulted in me obtaining a full refund.

KwikChex were able to provide information to assist my claim that I had been unable to obtain from anywhere else.

They always answered my emails quickly and were polite, courteous and professional at all times.

A great service.

(Reviewed June 2018)

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I wish to thank KwikChex for supporting me through a contractural mess that I had arrived at.

I wish to thank KwikChex for supporting me through a contractural mess that I had arrived at. The contract was potentially fraudulent and would cost me several thousand pounds. I felt rather foolish to have got myself into this situation but worse was at a loss as to how get out of this “no cooling off”agreement. Fortunately Citizens Advice advised me to talk to KwikChex, who responded quickly to my questions , and opened a private online ticket thread where our conversations were recorded for reference. Critically they provided me with a strongly worded letter informing the company that they could not hold me to a no cooling off contract. I am delighted to say that today, I posted back to the company I am in dispute with, their “Settlement Agreement” releasing me from the contract.

(Reviewed April 2018)

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Consumer Testimonial

‘It was such an enormous relief when we got in touch with you. I have mentioned your service with gratitude to a number of my friends. Thank you so much for a really quick and helpful service. Every minute feels like a year when you’re worried!!’

Mrs A, Aug-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

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I give Kwikchex 100/100 for courtesy, compassion, guidance and success in their efforts to help consumers

“After having been promised compensation and getting my timeshare agreement with Marriotts relinquished for the sum of £5940 by a group called European Claims Centre I was asked to pay a deposit of £480 on the spot to engage their services. I had been trying to get rid of my timeshare for years as it was a big money drain and I wasn’t able to make use of it. I was advised by them that this was the only way to dispose of it as by stopping paying the maintenance fees would cause legal action to be taken against me including having the bailiffs at my door removing my possessions. Also that on my death my children would be responsible for the maintenance payments. I was reluctant to fork out even more money but thought it was cheaper in the long run than continuing paying maintenance fees for the next 65 years, the time left on my contract.
I had never heard of this company before but was assured that they had been dealing successfully for many years. When I returned home, i looked them up in the internet and to my horror I found out that they were connected with other dubious timeshare companies who had had successful legal actions taken against them.
I immediately started panicking and started searching for anyone who could advise me how to end this contract with ECC.
It turns out that everything that the adviser at ECC told me was completely untrue.
I wrote to many organisations on the internet and found several mentions of an organisation named Kwikchex. They had been involved in taking these dubious companies to court so I wrote to them explaining my situation. It was the best decision I’ve made in years.
I immediately started receiving advice from them on how to proceed to get my money back from ECC.
I had paid the deposit of £480 by credit card so was advised to immediately contact the credit card fraud department and explain what had happened, I also sent copies of all documents to the fraud department for them to investigate. They immediately put the payment on hold pending investigation. I was also advised to write to the head office of ECC stating that I wished to end the contract and was not prepared to pay the remaining balance. I never received a reply from them. Eventually I received an email from their office in Fuengirola, Spain asking for my bank details and a few weeks later after several reminders to them that I still hadn’t received my deposit back it was finally paid directly into my bank account.
Throughout all these weeks I was in constant contact with Gemma at Kwikchex who guided and advised me step by step on what to do next. What surprised me was that this amazing service is free to everyone who needs it.
Without being exaggerated I felt like a huge weight had fallen off my shoulders when the matter was finally resolved. There is no doubt in my mind that without their help I would still be struggling unsuccessfully.
I am so grateful that there are organisations out there protecting consumers against the unscrupulous money grabbing scammers who don’t care whether their victims are 18 or 80 years old.
I give Kwikchex 100/100 for courtesy, compassion, guidance and success in their efforts to help consumers who have been misled and tricked by these unscrupulous companies who don’t care who they hurt.
A special huge thank you to Gemma who was my contact throughout.”

Mr T, Jul-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

Latest Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

‘Having been in touch with several similar companies over the years & getting scammed, I was dubious about Timeshare Business Check – but getting in touch with them was the best thing I did, they have turned out to be a genuine & helpful company. With their help & guidance I was able to relinquish my Timeshare which has been such a relief.
I would highly recommend Timeshare Business Check to any Timeshare Owner wishing to relinquish. Thank you Gemma at TBC for all your help I couldn’t have achieved it without you.’

Mrs D, June-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

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Latest Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

‘I would like to go on written record to express my gratitude to Chris Emmins and his colleagues of KwikChex for the support they provided when my wife and I had to deal with a very unsavoury financial situation which was perpetrated whilst we were on holiday abroad. Although in the final outcome we managed to carry out much of the extrication ourselves, the assistance and advice imparted by Chris’s team was invaluable and in particular it was most reassuring to know that there was strength in the background available to be called on if and when required.
I would heartily recommend to anyone who feels that they have been wrongfully coerced into signing up to a bad financial arrangement and require sound advice on getting disentangled from the situation to get in touch with Chris and his small but effective team.
Thanks Chris, it is heartening to know that you are out there and that the good guys can win.’
Mr C, May-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

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Latest Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Testimonial from a consumer that has had over £2000 returned to her after KwikChex intervened in a mis-selling case.

‘I would like to thank you all again for your help in this matter. I always received an answer immediately with expert advice, also with great understanding. Thank you again.’

Mrs C, Feb-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

Consumer testimonials

Here is what consumers had to say about KwikChex during 2016:

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. If you have any issues with timeshare, holiday clubs etc. get in touch for impartial advice FREE. Their help enabled me to get a full refund of monies paid out for a product I didn’t want or need but was pressured into buying.

Mr M, Nov-16

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

I have had no further contact from ITRA, thankfully, after they returned all my documents. I have now been released from (my timeshare) at a very low admin cost so I am relieved with that.

I have no objections to helping others if I can and have appreciated the help and information given by yourselves and Mindtimeshare who gave me your contact details.

Mrs B, Nov-16

Timeshare exit success

Another thank you to KwikChex from a couple that wished to exit their timeshare due to poor health. This was achieved for a low cost administrative charge (under £400) and once again demonstrates that consumers should always check with a trusted source as to their options should they wish to exit their timeshares as there are often no cost or low cost possibilities – and in some cases even sales of the timeshare are possible.

“Just a note to let you know that we have accepted the offer from our timeshare company.
We will certainly be glad to get closure on this matter.
Without your wonderful team we would still be in the same situation.
Thank you all very much. Keep on doing your good work.”

The assistance from KwikChex was provided free of charge as part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative. All consumers receive free assistance and advice from KwikChex thanks to funding from RDO.
Alternatively and additionally, free advice can also be sought from Citizens Advice and local Trading Standards Officers.


Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Having experienced a timeshare issue and having been totally mislead by Timeshare Release/ITRA/ECC, I was lucky enough to come across KwikChex – a reputable company who help consumers like me with timeshare issues. The responses from Chris and Gemma were quick and extremely helpful: their advice has been invaluable . For the first time in months, we have piece of mind. For anyone who has timeshare issues, you should make KwikChex your first port of call for professional, friendly, and honest advice.

Mrs M, Oct-16

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

We would like to express our grateful thanks to KwikChex and staff member Mr Chris Emmins, for the help and understanding of our situation involving a Leisure Credits company.
During a visit to the offices of the Leisure Credits company, we were asked to pay a deposit towards what would be the full cost, which we duly paid. Sometime later we noticed in the ‘small print’ that this was payment for a Tablet and a book of discount vouchers, and not for a deposit at all.

We contacted KwikChex for their help and advice regarding our situation. We were relieved to have the understanding and expertise of Mr Emmins who explained the procedures they would take, and who kept us regularly updated.

The Financial Ombudsman became involved which resulted in the return of the ‘deposit’ we paid under false pretenses.

We cannot speak more highly of the help and support from the above.

Mrs G, March-16

Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

Thank you KwikChex for helping get my 88-year-old father’s money back. He was clearly taken advantage of and had been mis-sold services costing him nearly £5000. With advice from KwikChex, and the template letter they prepared for us, we were able to recover all the costs from the credit card company. This was a real bonus as we thought pursuing the money would be a lost cause.
Mr S, Feb-16

Testimonial – Walker

In mid – 2014 my wife and I were in dispute with an organisation named INTERNATIONAL  TIMESHARE REFUND ACTION LIMITED (ITRA). The dispute centred on the validity of a contract which we had been persuaded to sign with them and make full advance payment on the day of £7k+ at the ITRA offices in Langley, Berkshire in June 2014. We soon thereafter discovered that the main premise by ITRA that our children would be responsible for ongoing annual timeshare maintenance was wholly inaccurate and that a supposed ‘3rd Party’ Agent  quoted as being used in Spain by ITRA for disposal of our timeshare  turns out to be ‘EURAFRIC ‘, which is an associate company of ITRA.

Fortunately, we happened to read an article in the financial section of the Mail on Sunday,  dated 9th August 2014, in which Mr. Chris Emmins, the co-founder of KwikChex warned of  the activities carried out in the past by ITRA  and its associates.  We contacted KwikChex immediately on the number provided and for the next several months kept them apprised of our efforts in corresponding with ITRA in our attempt to recover our outlay. During this time staff at KwikChex were most supportive and helpful with their advice to us.  Following several months of our telephoning/corresponding with ITRA it became plain that they would on no account accept our cancellation demand re the June 2014 contract.

Thus in December 2014 we advised ITRA that we were then escalating matter further and placed our case fully in the hands of KwikChex. From then on the support and reassurance we received from the staff of KwikChex, and in particular from the CEO, Mr. Chris Emmins was totally professional and positive.  After considering various options investigated and suggested by KwikChex we decided to opt to recover our outlay via the County Court Small Claims process, for which the necessary paperwork was prepared and submitted on our behalf by KwikChex.

From thereon, the court process was followed through until Judgement in our favour was made by the County Court in Milton Keynes on 14 June 2016, in which it was declared that the original contract with ITRA was deemed to be null and void and that full refund of our £7k+ outlay, together with allowable costs be made to us within 14 days; further, that our original timeshare deeds be returned to us.  We are truly grateful for the fantastic work and support we have received from KwikChex, inclusive of their organising solicitor representation.  Had it not been for the actions; dedication and encouragement of Chris Emmins and his team at KwikChex it is highly questionable whether we would have been able to pursue this action through to a final successful outcome against ITRA.  We would encourage anyone who is or have been victim to similar treatment as experienced by us with ITRA to make contact and place themselves in the safe and trustworthy hands of KwikChex.

H & B Walker

Buckingham, UK

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