They always answered my emails quickly and were polite, courteous and professional at all times

I cannot thank Chris and his team at KwikChex enough for all the help and advice that they provided.

I first contacted them 12 months ago for help and they guided me through the lengthy process of trying to obtain a refund from [a timeshare relinquishment business].

When [the timeshare relinquishment business] refused to communicate, KwikChex continued to provide support and advice which enabled me to make a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act which resulted in me obtaining a full refund.

KwikChex were able to provide information to assist my claim that I had been unable to obtain from anywhere else.

They always answered my emails quickly and were polite, courteous and professional at all times.

A great service.

(Reviewed June 2018)

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Timeshare Task Force responds to over 1000 consumer requests for assistance in 11 months

Since the launch  of the new Timeshare Helpline, in July 2017 the Timeshare Task Force operated by KwikChex, has received and responded to over 1000 requests for assistance and successfully resolved half of these, with the remainder receiving ongoing support.
As a provider of evidence and witness statements the TTF has helped secure:
•       The convictions of 3 persons involved in rogue activities
•       Multiple arrests
•       4 Judgements in favour of consumers in County Court proceedings against ITRA
•       The closure of numerous websites and businesses, including EZE Group
Consumers have been assisted with refunds totalling over a quarter of a million pounds.
All assistance to consumers is completely free, with funding being provided by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO), the representative organisation for timeshare developers in Europe.
The Task Force has a 5 star Trading Standards Approved rating, with outstanding feedback – see example below.
“Extremely helpful and supportive and completely free! They helped me to achieve a complete refund of all monies within a few weeks. Totally upfront and with valuable connections to Trading Standards and The Citizens’ Advice Bureau. I would totally recommend them to anybody with Timeshare problems. Definitely use them!”
See more reviews and details of our Trading Standards vetted & approved accreditation –

I wish to thank KwikChex for supporting me through a contractural mess that I had arrived at.

I wish to thank KwikChex for supporting me through a contractural mess that I had arrived at. The contract was potentially fraudulent and would cost me several thousand pounds. I felt rather foolish to have got myself into this situation but worse was at a loss as to how get out of this “no cooling off”agreement. Fortunately Citizens Advice advised me to talk to KwikChex, who responded quickly to my questions , and opened a private online ticket thread where our conversations were recorded for reference. Critically they provided me with a strongly worded letter informing the company that they could not hold me to a no cooling off contract. I am delighted to say that today, I posted back to the company I am in dispute with, their “Settlement Agreement” releasing me from the contract.

(Reviewed April 2018)

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Another Court Judgement Against ITRA

Consumer awarded over £4800 as judge declares that breaches of contract by International Refund Action Ltd. (ITRA) were “completely unacceptable”

KwikChex can report that on Friday 19 January 2018,  at Weston-Super-Mare County Court, another consumer it has supported has won a judgement against International Timeshare Refund Action – ITRA.

The judge ordered ITRA to repay the consumer £4802.60, having decided that ITRA had not provided the services promised.  The judge also commented that the “Breaches were as fundamental as they could possibly get” and that there had been “so little done for so much money”

The consumer asked for the assistance of KwikChex via the Timeshare Task Force resources that KwikChex manages, which are funded by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) after ITRA’s multiple failures to clearly respond for over a year to requests to detail what ITRA had carried out on her behalf. KwikChex provided free  advice and support for 18 months during the dispute, which culminated in the court hearing, with ITRA vainly trying to defend the lack of work carried out and poor communication. Attempts to carry out some work at the eleventh hour, well after legal proceedings were started were rejected as ‘too little, too late’.

KwikChex Director Chris Emmins provided a witness statement and attended court in support of the consumer, which detailed ITRA’s involvement in the notorious Club Class Concierge scams which resulted in the winding-up of seven connected companies by the UK authorities. Also included in the statement were details of complaints made by consumers to Action Fraud about ITRA and the misrepresentations that ITRA had a ‘Head Office’ in Gibraltar – something the Gibraltar authorities had confirmed was untrue.

ITRA attempted to defend the claim by using their favoured law firm, Pinder Reaux and a barrister, whilst the consumer represented herself. Two witnesses appeared for ITRA – the first was a Patrick O’Connor, who from the outset admitted that he used an alias when working for ITRA, calling himself ‘Steven John’ a name that has been quoted by many consumers making complaints against ITRA. He stated that the alias was easier for consumers to remember. The second witness was identified as Andrew Cooper, who in his witness statement said that he was a ‘consultant ’for ITRA. However, a solicitor from Pinder Reaux described him as ITRA’s CEO – and when questioned whether he was a director of ITRA he replied that he was. Andrew Cooper was also a director of two of the companies closed down by the UK authorities in 2012 – Bridge View Consultants Ltd. and Club Class Concierge Ltd. He is also a current director of European Claims Centre Ltd., a business that claims to have helped thousands of people to exit timeshares, though it was only formed in June 2016 and uses the serviced  / virtual offices to conduct its business as ITRA.

The latest case echoed the well-publicisied win by Mr & Mrs Walker against ITRA in court in 2016, who were refunded over £7000 – see the report by the Daily Mail –

KwikChex and a number of consumer protection and advice agencies continue to receive complaints concerning ITRA.

Free advice and assistance is available for consumers on the Timeshare Business Check and Timeshare Task Force websites and via the Timeshare Helpline – 0044 (0) 1202 832012

KwikChex and the Timeshare Task Force services have been vetted and approved by Trading Standards and are the only business operating within the timeshare sector to have received official accreditation under the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence scheme – see the accreditation and verified consumer feedback on the following link  –

KwikChex – looking back at 2017


For KwikChex, 2017 was dominated by successes and praise in the timeshare sector, where KwikChex manages the Timeshare Task Force, providing totally free assistance to consumers.


Consumer feedback

Click here to read feedback from timeshare owners about the assistance they received from KwikChex.


Rogues arrested, in court & guilty

Our work in cooperation with the authorities has always been a vital part of our consumer protection efforts. In 2017, in cases supported by KwikChex, 6 people appeared in court over scamming timeshare owners.  Two of those have already pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in 2018. The other four go to trial in April. And in the longest running investigation, multiple offices were raided and owners and senior executives of one network of businesses were arrested.


Civil claims

KwikChex continued with the well-publicised success of the previous year, providing more free assistance to timeshare owners who have been scammed by rogue claims businesses, providing evidence that helped forced settlements in civil court and Section 75 claims – helping to win back thousands of pounds.




Many timeshare owners were helped to relinquish their timeshares at no cost or for low cost payments to their timeshare companies. The majority had been lied to by rogue claims companies about their legal and contractual rights and only found that they could exit easily after making contact with KwikChex via the Timeshare Task Force.



New Timeshare Helpline opens

KwikChex, supported by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) added to the online Timeshare Business Check – with a new telephone helpline for consumers which again provides completely free assistance +44 (0) 1202 832012


Trading Standards Approval for KwikChex

Definitely one of the highlights of the year.  In addition to our existing Corporate Affiliate membership of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), the integrity of KwikChex services was demonstrated again when we were awarded one of the most trusted accreditations for any UK- based business – Trading Standards approval through the Buy with Confidence scheme – and consumers that we have helped since gaining the accreditation have been quick to provide more feedback, giving us a 5 star rating.



Presenting at the 2017 Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference

KwikChex had a full session at our presentation to many Trading Standards Officers at the annual CTSI conference – helped by the popularity of the topic we presented – overcoming funding problems to help beat rogue traders. KwikChex was able to demonstrate how our investigations, verifications and resolutions services have helped cash-strapped law enforcement authorities in the battle against scammers. There was also plenty of activity at the KwikChex exhibition stand, with law enforcement and other authorities involved in consumer protection visiting to discuss cooperation.



 Online defamation, harassment and distortion

The story that never goes away. 2017 saw many more businesses from across the world seeking help from KwikChex. With a seven year track record that has been covered by the media globally, a wide range of businesses continue to seek our assistance when attacked by liars and cyber-bullies. Hotels and restaurants complaining of fake reviews on TripAdvisor remain the largest group – but many other professions, including lawyers, doctors, online businesses, health & fitness and even funeral directors have sought our help – and we continue to provide the unique services so often seen and heard on television and radio and in leading national newspapers.


Consumer Testimonial

‘It was such an enormous relief when we got in touch with you. I have mentioned your service with gratitude to a number of my friends. Thank you so much for a really quick and helpful service. Every minute feels like a year when you’re worried!!’

Mrs A, Aug-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

See more testimonials here.

Latest Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

‘Having been in touch with several similar companies over the years & getting scammed, I was dubious about Timeshare Business Check – but getting in touch with them was the best thing I did, they have turned out to be a genuine & helpful company. With their help & guidance I was able to relinquish my Timeshare which has been such a relief.
I would highly recommend Timeshare Business Check to any Timeshare Owner wishing to relinquish. Thank you Gemma at TBC for all your help I couldn’t have achieved it without you.’

Mrs D, June-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

See more testimonials here.

Latest Timeshare Task Force Testimonial

‘I would like to go on written record to express my gratitude to Chris Emmins and his colleagues of KwikChex for the support they provided when my wife and I had to deal with a very unsavoury financial situation which was perpetrated whilst we were on holiday abroad. Although in the final outcome we managed to carry out much of the extrication ourselves, the assistance and advice imparted by Chris’s team was invaluable and in particular it was most reassuring to know that there was strength in the background available to be called on if and when required.
I would heartily recommend to anyone who feels that they have been wrongfully coerced into signing up to a bad financial arrangement and require sound advice on getting disentangled from the situation to get in touch with Chris and his small but effective team.
Thanks Chris, it is heartening to know that you are out there and that the good guys can win.’
Mr C, May-17

Note – no fees are charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex).

See more testimonials here.

Timeshare Council (fake)

Preview by Thumbshots.comTimeshare Council (fake)*
Product Offered: Timeshare Relinquishment and Claims.
Transparency evaluation:Phone number provided on website. E-mail, address and legal entity not provided on website.
Transparency Failure
Actions by authorities:None known
Verified Information**:None known
Other Sources*:None Known
RDO Member:No
Contact DetailsAs supplied by business
Business Address:Unable to verify
Phone Number:0800 024 3101
Email Address:Unable to verify
Other Trading names
ABC lawyers Timeshare Business Check Profile
Cheap Holidays Tenerife Timeshare Business Check Profile
Glenmore Consultants/Monster Rewards Ltd Timeshare Business Check Profile
Hello Consulting Timeshare Business Check Profile
Hollywood Marketing Timeshare Business Check Profile
Jive Hippo Limited Timeshare Business Check Profile
Justice4 Limited Timeshare Business Check Profile
Lansdown Financial Limited Timeshare Business Check Profile
Monster Community Timeshare Business Check Profile
Monster Rewards Timeshare Business Check Profile
Monster Travel Timeshare Business Check Profile
Monster Vouchers
Sell My Timeshare Timeshare Business Check Profile
Staycation Lodges Limited Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Advice Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Compensation Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Consumer Association Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Lawyer Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Owners Protection Plan Timeshare Business Check Profile
Travel Promotions Timeshare Business Check Profile
Tuloca Limited Timeshare Business Check Profile
Value My Timeshare Timeshare Business Check Profile

Connected companies:
Complete Internet Solutions Timeshare Business Check Profile
Holiday Timeshare Timeshare Business Check Profile
Praetorian Legal Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Council (fake) Timeshare Business Check Profile
What happened when we reached out to this business?
We contacted this business by website form on 20/03/2017. We asked for confirmation of company registration details and the business trading address. No response has been received to date.
Observations and comments
The business using has no connection whatsoever with the company ‘Timeshare Council’ - company number 02513123, which was incorporated in 1990.

Neither is there any connection with the US based website was registered as a domain name only on 28 March 2016. It provides no details regarding ownership or legal entity or location. Such details were intentionally not disclosed when the domain was registered. This constitutes a ‘transparency failure’ and so, as with any business seeking to hide ownership and / or location, any form of engagement by consumers is to be discouraged. It is this ‘business’ that has been reported as cold-calling.
Transparency Failure
Report your concerns
Information & disclaimers:
Timeshare Business Check is managed by KwikChex does not endorse any product, service or business. This information is provided to assist you in your decision to use a particular business or website. Some information within this table has been manually checked by our verification team, using reliable and trusted sources, but we cannot guarantee total accuracy. **See How we verify. The information provided on the Timeshare Business Check site should not form the entire basis of any decision to make a purchase or enter into a contract. You should pay particular attention to aspects such as terms and conditions and if unsure, seek further advice. Timeshare Business Check is not responsible for the content of external websites - *See full external links policy. This information is subject to change at any time. Last update: 20/03/2017
If you believe any of the information in this profile to be incorrect or have concerns about this company please contact us.
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