Timeshare Owners Beware – New Cold Calling Scammers

Our latest investigations revealed several new cold callers reported online by concerned consumers. 

These cold callers have lied repeatedly, spreading disinformation about the status of timeshares, often claiming they are only suspended, and consumers will have to pay maintenance fees or risk a visit from bailiffs.  

They falsely claimed to have received consumer details from the European Commission. At times they also deceitfully claimed to be calling from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and on behalf of various timeshare providers, as well as working with Trading Standards.  

Consumers should be extremely cautious if contacted by the following.

Brearley Litigation / Brealey Litigation 

Phone Numbers: 01582 323007, 01582 323024, 01582 802998 

Caller Names: Jack Wilson 

Consumer Protection Board 

Phone Numbers: 01904 935026 

Contract Help Centre 

Phone Numbers: 01245 969068, 01613 940204, 01223 852984 

Caller Names: Joseph Barron, Jenna Coleman, Robert Greenwood 

Contract Services Office 

Phone Numbers: 01582 801605, 01752 545678 

Caller Names: Joseph Barron, Zara Wilkinson, Fiona Harris 

Crawford Risk Assessment / Crawford Consultancy 

Phone Numbers: 01206 805914 

Euro Advisor / Euro Advisory Board / Euro Advice Board 

Phone Numbers: 01206 803290, 01206 805914, 01206 809574, 01206 809914, 01245 806707, 01245 809559, 01245 969068, 01613 940204 

Caller Names: Joseph Barron, Jack Wilson 

Advice to timeshare owners 

Remember that unsolicited contact by phone, text or email is likely to be a breach of data protection laws and it is recommended that it is reported to the appropriate national data authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as rogue businesses also often sell the information on to fraudsters.   

If in any doubt as to the status of your timeshare, you should contact your timeshare provider as they will be able to present you with the necessary information. Do not rely on information supplied by unsolicited cold callers when making decisions – the spread of deliberately deceptive disinformation is often the first step in many common timeshare scams. 

Further reading  

The STOP! & Check initiative helps owners deal with cold-callers and their cunning deceptions – Click here to read more about STOP! & Check.    

Last updated 20 February 2024