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Product Offered: Timeshare.
Transparency evaluation:Address, phone number and legal entity not provided on website. Transparency Failure
Actions by authorities:None known
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Day International Marketing SL (In Liquidation)
The Los Canarios avenue 3 Mogán 35120 Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Company No. B76023381

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Other Trading names
Canarian Legal Alliance Timeshare Business Check Profile
CLA Marketing SL Timeshare Business Check Profile
Club Puerto Atlantico
Day International Marketing SL
Puerto Atlantico Enterprise SL
Puerto Atlantico Marketing SL
Resale GC Marketing SL
Resale GC
Reclaim GC
Sapphire Marketing Solutions SL Timeshare Business Check Profile
Timeshare Refund Network (website down)
Voyager (Also Lifestyle Vacation) Timeshare Business Check Profile
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Observations and comments
One of what are generally known as the Eugen Kaiser businesses based in Gran Canaria There has been controversy surrounding these businesses, with mass arrests in Gran Canaria taking place - and then the dismissal of some actions and suspension of the case against the main executives.
Daily Mail report
Canary News report

The instigator of the case brought, Alberto Garcia is appealing the decision by the judge.

One of the principal products sold by the Kaiser operations (Voyager and now Lifestyle Vacations) has also attracted controversy, with many consumer complaints being received. These companies were featured on 18th July on the BBC consumer programme You & Yours - link to broadcast.-

In order to resolve the issues and ensure that consumers are protected appropriately, the Timeshare Task Force is requesting through Canarian Legal Alliance that their clients cooperate with a fully transparent and diligent process that will:
• Examine all customer complaints
• Determine whether the products being sold fall under the EU Timeshare Directive and deliver the precise value they claim.
To ensure that the process is robust, an invitation to the appropriate authorities and legal representatives will be issued.
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