Warning – European Timeshare Aid / Spanish Timeshare Aid

We have received reports of a new cold-caller emailing consumers and spreading disinformation about timeshare claims and exits.

The emails claim to come from a company called Spanish Timeshare Aid. They provide limited contact information in their emails –

Address: Tf-28 Chayofa Country Club, Arona, Islas Canarias 38652, Spain

Email Address: spanish-timeshare-aid@outlook.com

The given address has a history of being used by rogue businesses, including Timeshare Help Centre, Gold Crown Tenerife and Resort Premium Services. The resort itself states it has no affiliation with any of these businesses.

They redirect consumers to a website called European Timeshare Aid – https://european-timeshare.wixsite.com/home

The European Timeshare Aid website

Our investigations reveal that website ownership details have not been disclosed. The site itself fails to provide any company information.

The only way to contact them is via their contact us form, which requires consumers to agree to their terms & conditions. Unfortunately, the site does not list any terms & conditions, so consumers are relying on the goodwill of the company to ensure that their details will never be sold on to anybody else.

Based on the lack of transparency throughout the website, we would advise consumers not to seek further communication with this company.

Click here to view the Timeshare Business Check listing for European Timeshare Aid / Spanish Timeshare Aid

What to do if you have been contacted by this cold-caller

The number of timeshare owners being scammed multiple times by fraudulent timeshare exit and claims businesses has been increasing. If initial contact was unsolicited – a cold call or email or text out of the blue, it gives rise to concerns as to whether your data has been acquired and used legally. Unsolicited contact by phone, text or email is likely to be a breach of data protection laws.

KwikChex, which manages the Trading Standards accredited Timeshare Task Force has produced advice for timeshare owners to help them avoid these scams. 

The STOP! & Check initiative will help owners deal with cold-callers and their cunning deceptions.

Click here to read more about STOP! & Check