Warning – Financial Rights Bureau

KwikChex has received reports from ex-timeshare owners regarding unsolicited phone calls from the Financial Rights Bureau. These cold-callers are spreading misinformation and false claims that ex-timeshare owners are still in possession of their timeshares and could be charged fees. They falsely advised consumers that upon surrendering their timeshare they should have been provided with confirmation of the foreclosure from trustees and the land registry, which is simply not true.

As well as the Financial Rights Bureau, they also operate under the following names  

  • Financial Advice Bureau 
  • Fraud Action Board 
  • Citizens Rights Board
  • Citizens Rights Bureau
  • Clients Rights Board
  • Client Help Centre in Manchester

They use a number of phone numbers including 02081 574410, 02081 574616 and 02081 571684. 

These are ‘virtual numbers’ – they are not really calling from the locations that they claim. 

This type of unsolicited contact and misinformation is likely to be considered unlawful under data protection and consumer protection regulations, and we would strongly recommend that it be reported to the authorities. 

This business is not regulated in terms of acting on behalf of consumers in regulated activities, such as making claims under the Consumer Credit Act or legal representation in court. 

Have you been contacted by the Financial Rights Bureau?

We recommend that only regulated businesses be engaged with for legal and claims services – and that even when a business is regulated, they are asked to provide a written, detailed viability report prior to entering into any contract or paying any monies – see ‘Stop & Check’ advice 

Please report any contact with the Financial Rights Bureau to the Timeshare Task Force, a Trading Standards approved service, managed by KwikChex. 

Helpline UK: 0044 (0)1823 510625 

Helpline Hours 
10am – 4pm Mon-Fri (GMT) 
Excluding bank holidays 

Email: info@timesharetaskforce.org 

Click here to view the Financial Rights Bureau listing

Last updated 26th July 2023