KwikChex has received a number of reports from timeshare owners regarding unsolicited contact from a company called Spencer Beaumont. 

They provide the following contact information on their website

Business Address: Shakespeare Street, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6RN
Phone Number: +44 (0) 1789 777 711
Email Addresses:,

No registration or regulation

This business is not registered in the UK and is not regulated in terms of acting on behalf of consumers in regulated activities, such as making claims under the Consumer Credit Act or legal representation in court. 

The website

The Spencer Beaumont website is very similar to the websites of a number of other cold calling companies, including 

Jarvis Hamilton Consultants 

TMT Consulting 

Bateman Hancock 

Clay Ford Advisory 

Some of the text used on these websites matches text found on the Spencer Beaumont site.


Consumers should be extremely cautious when dealing with cold callers and unregulated claims businesses.

We recommend that only regulated businesses be engaged with for legal and claims services – and that even when a business is regulated, they are asked to provide a written, detailed viability report prior to entering into any contract or paying any monies – see ‘Stop & Check’ advice here.

More information

KwikChex recently issued a warning about a significant increase in scams targeting timeshare owners – find out more here.

Read the full Spencer Beaumont listing on the Timeshare Business Check website here.