The Timeshare Task Force is coordinated and managed by KwikChex. In June 2019, the work being carried out was recognised when KwikChex was presented with a CTSI Her Award for its continuous work and passionate commitment on behalf of consumers, particularly around timeshare scams.

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Government, law enforcement and consumer protection agencies

KwikChex continues to work tirelessly in consumer protection. The 2019 CTSI Hero Award acknowledges the work of the Timeshare Task Force

“KwikChex has established a free and effective online help service for consumers the Timeshare Task Force,”


“Years of assistance targeting fraudsters and providing support to trading standards and local law enforcement agencies”


European Consumer Centres Network (ECC)

The network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) serves EU consumers shopping for goods and services on the European market, providing them with advice on their EU consumer rights and helping them with their disputes with traders in other EU countries.

The Timeshare Task Force is working with the ECC in intelligence gathering and sharing, legal opinion and in providing consumers with advice on specific threats.

Law Enforcement

When intelligence is gathered which indicates a strong likelihood of fraud or conspiracy to commit fraud, the Task Force will connect with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, such as (in the UK):

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau


Action Fraud


Law enforcement connections are being built and coordinated across Europe, with the Timeshare Task Force assisting with the identification of those involved in criminal activity. In many cases, such activities are carried out in several countries – and the Timeshare Task Force will assist in providing information which will help the coordination of information and actions across Europe.